Slow Blog


Quick apology to site visitors. For some reason the blog is very slow at the moment. 1and1 dont have any worthwhile status pages, so I can’t check if it is server problems. Please be patient. Thanks.

Question for the experts


What is the weather like in central Florida in April and in May? I have looked at, but frankly the information seems a bit sterile and hard for me to put into perspective. Are there any Floridians who read this blog and can give me a feel for what that time of year is like? All information welcomed.

WordPress Upgrade

For the techies amongst you, WP 2.6 is now on the streets. (and has been for over a week – but I’ve been away). The promo video is:

When I get back to my proper PC, real content will be blogged once more.

Upgrade Stalled

It looks like not enough people made the correct devotions to Hermes and now we are not going to try and upgrade the blog this weekend. Heather has been sidelined by a cold and a fair amount of work and my internet access time is approaching the bare minimum. When we have more time we will look at what is required with the upgrade and give it ago. Please, keep making sacrifices to Ukko though.

New Theme Time

New Theme ScreenshotIt has been a quiet weekend here on the blogging front, but we have worked on a new theme – returning to a Stonehenge header picture and blue colour scheme. The site should now look like the screenshot. If it is radically different there is a problem or we have removed the theme ๐Ÿ™‚

As always, there may be a few teething problems early on, so we really do appreciate it if you can take a moment to let us know if you encounter any problems. No matter how trivial you may think a problem is, if you tell us, we can try to fix it! One thing we will try to look at is page loading time. Our initial work around for this, is to increase the use of “read more” breaks in the content of posts on this page, but I am aware some people don’t like this, so please take a moment and let me know what you think.

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Quiet Period

Just to let the faithful readers (both of you) here know, by wonderful coincidence all the authors here will be away on holiday over the period 1 July – 8 July, so it is quite unlikely there will be any posts.

Hopefully we will all come back refreshed, full of philosophical and atheistic vitriol and have loads of photographs to share.

Bet you cant wait… ๐Ÿ˜€

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Slight Misunderstanding

Now, normally, I wouldn’t bat an eyelid at a site taking offence over something which was posted here. Normally though, offence is intended and it actually cheers me up to see the recipient has realised and taken the required offence ๐Ÿ™‚

The flip side, and possibly an off shoot of an over-developed Atheistic moral code, is that when no offence was intended, yet some one took offence, I feel the need to say sorry. Bah.

It is in this light, that I should point out that Heathers’ recent post (Technorati Links Mystery) was not written with the aim of offending Parabiodox and it certainly was not meant to be snide about the fact that he was still showing up. Heather responded with a comment, but as I am aware, not all of you read the comments (bad people), so this is what she wrote:

Blast. I must have explained this so badly. I dont dare mention today’s Technorati nonsense…….
(a) Parabiodox took my bracketed (ffs) after his name as “snide” when he referred to it in his blog. Sorry,ร‚ย  Parabiodox, it was supposed to be ironic that we were getting loads of links from a christian and none from the atheist blogroll. (By the way, I wasn’t complaining that Technorati wasn’t indexing our posts. It is. It’s taking links in our text as links)
(b) My issues don’t have to do with getting authority off the Blogroll. It is to do with Technorati not seeing the Blogroll, when it’s in the form of a script.ร‚ย Whether it’s on our site or anybody else’s, Technorati just doesn’t see any links on it and hasn’t for weeks.

This is about as close to apology as I can get, so I hope it clears matters up ๐Ÿ˜€ .

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Back Online

This is a short note to say I am back online now. Things are still a little hectic so “normal service” is not yet in place, however at least I can use things other than my phone to browse the web – it has shocked me how reliant “we” become on the internet for basic things.

Anyway, thanks to the miracle of Pipex, I have a working net connection (four days, only two of which were “working days,” after I ordered online) and things are certainly brighter now. Well Done Pipex.

Now I am “back” as it were, I will have a look at re-designing the site theme to try and improve on the issues it currently has and take on board the user comments you were kind enough to send. Thank you.

More soon.

Site Traffic

Amazingly, even though this month is only just half over, this blog has generated 10,068 unique visits this year. Wow. To put this in perspective, while there has been a steady increase over the last six months of 2006, the highest monthly total was around 9,000 unique visits. If the current trend continues we should break the 20,000 mark before too long. Thank you to everyone who visits!