Slight Misunderstanding

Now, normally, I wouldn’t bat an eyelid at a site taking offence over something which was posted here. Normally though, offence is intended and it actually cheers me up to see the recipient has realised and taken the required offence 🙂

The flip side, and possibly an off shoot of an over-developed Atheistic moral code, is that when no offence was intended, yet some one took offence, I feel the need to say sorry. Bah.

It is in this light, that I should point out that Heathers’ recent post (Technorati Links Mystery) was not written with the aim of offending Parabiodox and it certainly was not meant to be snide about the fact that he was still showing up. Heather responded with a comment, but as I am aware, not all of you read the comments (bad people), so this is what she wrote:

Blast. I must have explained this so badly. I dont dare mention today’s Technorati nonsense…….
(a) Parabiodox took my bracketed (ffs) after his name as “snide” when he referred to it in his blog. Sorry,  Parabiodox, it was supposed to be ironic that we were getting loads of links from a christian and none from the atheist blogroll. (By the way, I wasn’t complaining that Technorati wasn’t indexing our posts. It is. It’s taking links in our text as links)
(b) My issues don’t have to do with getting authority off the Blogroll. It is to do with Technorati not seeing the Blogroll, when it’s in the form of a script. Whether it’s on our site or anybody else’s, Technorati just doesn’t see any links on it and hasn’t for weeks.

This is about as close to apology as I can get, so I hope it clears matters up 😀 .

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