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What is the weather like in central Florida in April and in May? I have looked at, but frankly the information seems a bit sterile and hard for me to put into perspective. Are there any Floridians who read this blog and can give me a feel for what that time of year is like? All information welcomed.

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  1. While I don’t live in Central Florida, the temperatures aren’t much different from where I live in Palm Beach County — I’m 3 hours or so from Orlando. In April and May, there will be a lot of humidity, pretty much sunny all day (until the daily rains come, usually between 2-4PM EDT, lasting 10 minutes to an hour), and temps around 75F-88F. Temps in Orlando, if that’s where you’re going, will be a bit higher due to smog and the sheer amount of vehicles around the city pumping up the thermometer.

  2. Sorry meant to add: Not planning to stay in Orlando itself, in fact there are no plans at the moment in any real sense of the word.

    I don’t suppose you know what the rough prices for a hire car (hired locally) are? (Yes, I am about to check on the internet as well…)

  3. Well, I only mentioned Orlando because it’s about the only place in Central Florida that has a well known (and large) airport :). As for hired cars, I’m not sure of the going rates, I haven’t rented one in about 2 years and that was actually not in FL.

  4. The other thing you should know about Central Florida in April and May is that it’s the beginning of FIRE season. The state has not yet entered its rain-every-afteroon phase, which doesn’t usually start until late June. So, by late April, it’s often very dry. And windy. And hot. Perfect fire conditions. Bring an asbestos suit with you, and maybe a gas mask.

  5. Ah, see! That’s the difference between Central FL and South FL. Fire season starts for them and rainy season starts for us. Although, the fire season was KILLER earlier this year! We were actually getting smoke from the Orlando fires all the way here in Boca Raton, it smelled so bad. I can only imagine what it was like there.

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