Missing Null


Does anyone know what has happened to Nullifidian? His blog seems to have been flatlined for a while and, here at Why Dont You towers, we are missing his excellent brand of commentary. Come back Null! We miss you! Although Null’s site is down, his aggregator live at Planet Humanism.

Bloggery Madness


This backend of this blog is continuing its descent into madness. Following on from the problems where no posts would accept tags, this seems to have fixed itself while simultaneously stopping the blog posting anything but the most recent article on the home page. All of this has taken place without user intervention. It seems the glue, velco and staples holding the back end together have finally given up the ghost. Hopefully we will be able to find time this weekend to fix things. Sorry for any weirdness until then and during the “improvements.”

Slow Blog


Quick apology to site visitors. For some reason the blog is very slow at the moment. 1and1 dont have any worthwhile status pages, so I can’t check if it is server problems. Please be patient. Thanks.

Pinhole Tutorial


For people interested in recreating the sometimes stunning effects of pinhole cameras, there is a tutorial on the Ogum blog looking at how this can be done in photoshop.

Ogum Online


Just to update you, Ogum Photography is now online and selling prints at great prices. Order soon to make sure you have your fine art print presents in time for Christmas.

Moron Alert


Moron alert. Bah, it turns out to be me. I have had a few goes at uploading the Stewart Lee video. I think I’ve finally cracked it.