Atheist Blogroll Photography Competition

I was going to post about this last weekend, but I figured it would be better waiting a while so this can serve as both an advertisement and a reminder.

Mojoey has initiated the 2009 Atheist Blogroll Photography Competition and you have from now until 15 September 2009 to get your entries in. In the words of the great man himself:

I am pleased to announce the 2009  Atheist Blogroll photography contest. This year’s contest is open to any member of the Atheist Blogroll, their family, friends or significant others. By request, I’ve also opened the contest up to members of the Atheist Nexus too. We have five categories this year.

  • Atheism/Religion
  • Travel and People
  • Self-Portrait
  • Altered Images
  • The Natural World

The deadline for submissions is September 15, 2009.  Send your photographs as a .jpg file to the Atheist Blogroll.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? As always there are rules (but these are not onerous):

  1. Contestants may send up to three photos per category.
  2. Each submission must be an original work and may not have won any other contests.
  3. When sending your photographs, you must adhere to the following restriction: Actual file size may not exceed 2,048 KB (2 MB) and must be in .jpg, .jpeg.
  4. Submissions by persons under that age of 18 require parental consent.
  5. No Pornography – I follow the, “I know porn when I see it rule.”

Some important points to note about your submissions:

These fields are required.

  1. Category
  2. Title
  3. Caption and camera information
  4. Where and when the photo was taken: Los Angeles, May 2008
  5. The name or pseudonym of the photographer.
  6. A link the the artists blog or Atheist Nexus page. If a friend of an Atheist Blogroll member, then a link the members blog is appropriate.

By sending a photo you are granting the right for the photo to be displayed at Deep Thoughts as part of the 2009 photography contest or as part of a Google collection linked to the 2009 photography collection. All other rights remain with the artist.

If you are interested and want to find out more – such as how to enter – then check out the original post on Deep Thoughts. This is a great, fun, competition which seems very easy to enter so get out your SLR/Compact/Phone/Whatever and take some pictures. When you’ve done that (and turned them into JPEG if needed) get them off to Mojoey and see if you can win.

Also, Mojoey is looking for people to help with the judging so, if that is more up your street give it a go – but make sure you let my pictures win 🙂

Atheist Blogroll


Quick question: Is the atheist blogroll broken on everyone else’s site? It has been about a week or so since I have seen it update here and show what blogs have new content. Is this a general problem? Of the sites I have checked today, all show the blogroll as static but with a different sequence of newly updated blogs so I cant for the life of me work out where the break is.

End of infinity

To retain the will to live, I’ve bunched up the alphabetical-order challenged members of the Atheist Blogroll all in one final burst of links.

Sorry if your blog is called “Zeebedee’s Journal.” This blog, starting as it does with an unappealing W, feels your pain.

P! PA Nonbelievers parenthetical remarks Persephone’s Box Pharyngula Philippine Atheists Philosophers’ Playground physicshead Pink Prozac Pink Triangle Pinoy Atheist Pinoy Freethinker Pinoy-Korean Atheist Planet Atheism Planet Humanism Plonka’s Blog Podblack Blog Polypyloctomy PONZO Pooflingers Anonymous Post Thought Primordial Blog Principles of Parsimony Prose Justice Protium the Heathen Psychodiva’s Mutterings PURPOSE OF LIFE
QuarkScrew Quintessential Rambling quird

Radical Atheist Ramblings Ramblings of an Atheist Undergrad Random Intelligence Rank Atheism Rarus vir Rational Expression Rational Mom Rational Russian RationalEyes Ravings of an Angry Leftist Re-imagine Ritual Real Virtuality Reality Heroes Reason & Society Reason Makes Sense… Right? Reason TV Reasonable Doubts Recalcitrance Reduce to Common Sense Reeding and Writing Religion is Bullshit ! Religion is Man-Made Replace the lies with truth Resurrecting Reason REV. ART’S ATHEIST PIN-UPS! Rev. BigDumbChimp reVAMPed Reverend Mark J. Seydel Richard Carrier Blogs Rideo ergo sum Robert’s Thought’s Rodibidably Ron’s Rants Rupture the Rapture Russell’s Teapot RWANDAN ATHEIST

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Terminal Atheist Thank God I’m An Atheist That is so Queer…

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These Twisted Times Thought Room Thought Theater Thoughts and Opinions Tidbits for Atheists Tolerance and Peace toomanytribbles Toxic thought waste site Trifling Ideas Trinity’s Christian Dairy Troffle Trudging the Gentle Path of Happy Destiny True Bible Knowledge Tungtide UberKuh Ungodly Cynic Unorthodox Atheism Unreasonable Faith Unscrewing The Inscrutable Urikalization – Uri Kalish Variable Veracity Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy Velocity Inversion Vetenskap & Förnuft View From Earth Villa Nandes Vincent Geloso: 100% libéralisé

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Infinity is finite

This has got to stop. The end is in sight though. I hope this is the next to last of these lists.

Just to remind you where this information comes from, it’s Mojoey’s Atheist Blogroll. ( Brits. Please note. It’s not the Atheist

halls of macadamia
Happily Godless
Happy Jihad’s House of Pancakes
Heathen Queer
Hellbound Alleee
hell’s handmaiden
Heretic’s Altar
Hokum-Balderdash Assay
Homo economicus’ Weblog
Homologous Legs
Honjii’s Harangues
Hot Dogs, Pretzels, and Perplexing Questions
Human Psyche of J.D. Crow
Humans: The Other White Meat
I Am An Atheist
I Never Shut Up
I traded my soul for happiness
Ian’s Brain
Ice Station Tango
In Defence Of Reason
In the grip of hysteria
Incessant Expressions
Infidel boy in Blabber mode
Infinite monkeys, infinite keyboards
Inkblot Icon
intelligent or silly design ?
Ionian Enchantment
Is it just me?
it’s about time
izzworld dot org
jdc325’s Weblog
Jeebus Freaks
Jewish Atheist
Joe’s Big Blog
Judith’s thought-provoking hard-hitting journal
Juke of Flow
Just a whisper in the wind
Just Another Atheist
Jyunri Kankei

Nor is it working seamlessly. It’s taking span tags.

K H A L A S !
Kapanalig Sa Wala
Kieran Bennett
Kill The Afterlife
King Aardvark
le tiers monde
leaping rabbit/lapin sauteur
Leicester Secularist
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Let Go – Forget God
Let There Be Light
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lynn’s daughter, thinking

Madman’s Paradise
Masala Skeptic
Matt’s Notepad
Matt’s Truthonomics
Maximum Likelihood
Mechanical Crowds
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Memoirs of a (G)a(y)theist
Memoirs of an ex-Christian
Mere Skepticism
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Mirth, Musings, & More
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Modern Agnostic
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Natural Reckonings
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Not really, Alice.
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Still I’m up to O. Once you get past the As, the list goes much faster.

Another bit of infinite list

This is getting boring…

Daily Atheist DAILY BBG Daily Rant Dark Christianity Dark Matter, USA Dark Side of Mars darwinian remiix Darwin’s Dagger Day & Nite Daylight Atheism Debunking Christianity Deconverts Deep Thoughts Deeply Blasphemous Deranged Ramblings of an Angry Reptile Keeper Desperately Seeking Ethics and Reason Deutschland Uber Elvis DEVOUT Atheist Godless Grief Diaphanitas Diary of a Teenage Atheist Did a guy named Phil start Philosophy? Dikkii’s Diatribe Dime a dozen Disaffected and it Feels So Good discernible chaos DisComforting Ignorance Disgusted Beyond Belief Disillusioned Words Dispatches from the Culture Wars do not read this blog DoctorE Dorset Humanists blog Doubting Even Thomas DOUBTING FAITH? Dr. Joan Bushwell’s Chimpanzee Refuge Dragged From the Bottom Drunk in Ontario Dubito Ergo Sum Duplicitous Primates Dwindling In Unbelief

Easy to be Entreated Ecstathy Edward T. Babinski Elaine Vigneault Elliptica EnoNomi EonBlue Ethics Gradient evanescent Everyday Humanist Everything Is Pointless Evolution Evolutionary Middleman EvolutionBlog Evolved and Rational exapologist ExChristian.Net Excursions into the mundane and the revealing… Exercise in Futility Expletive Deleted Explicit Atheist Exsisto Sane Eyebrow Ascendant f think faith in honest doubt Fed Up with Religion Feersum Endjinn Ferret’s Cage Fish Wars on Cars Five Public Opinions Fleeing Nergal, Seeking Stars Flex Your Head Flumadiddle forms most beautiful… Free Infidel Freethought FreeThought by a FreeThinker Freethought Weekly FreThink Friendly Atheist Gary William Murning Online Geoff Arnold Ghosts of Minnesota God Be Gone – Atheist News God is for Suckers! God is Pretend Godless in America Godless on the Wasatch Front Godless Sunday Goosing the Antithesis Gospel of Reason Gratuitous Common Sense Greg Hartnett Greg Laden’s Blog Greta Christina’s Blog Grey and White Matter Gynocide

The text that accompanies these list bits (I guess you could call them “posts”) is there to try and persuade Technorati that this blog isn’t just a link farm. (Though it feels like it today.) Not that it seems to care. Despite not getting any credit for atheist blogroll links, in the normal course of events, Technorati gives us link from a fair number of spamblogs.

Linkfarm sites are extra-annoying when they print your posts and attribute them to someone else. This has an upside when the posts are landfill in text format like this one. I am looking forward to seeing:
“Freemeds had an interesting post today on..” followed by sections of the Atheist Blogroll.

I think that’s called social networking. 😀

Part 3 of infinite list

Still only up to the Cs. Arrgh.

I’m going to rattle on about converting information between sources as an example of why computers appeal to people. (Well, to me.) It’s the mental challenge.

If I was even halfway competent at using a keyboard, I’d just type lots of things. But, I’m a terrible typist.

(In case, that sounds as if I’m any better at handwriting, you’d be dead wrong. I can barely write a legible sentence by hand, since I took up spending my life at computers. I bet that’s true of many people.)

And I get bored by any repetitive task way too easily. So, if I have any task to do, I look for a more interesting way of doing it. Even if it takes MUCH longer. And fails to work.

I bet this is true of most people who read this. (Except, maybe, for the people who get here looking for Arnold Schwarzenegger or pictures of guns, about 10 and 5 every day respectively, in case you wondered.)

Of course, since it’s me and you I’m talking about, we can take it for granted that this is a good thing. “Creative thinking” and so on. (A less charitable person might say “butterfly mind.” ) But, maybe it’s part of why it’s possible to get people to do things for the buzz of working out how to do them, without thinking of the consequences.

Things like using computers and the internet to collect information from a huge variety of sources and putting them together.

cabhara’s zeitgeist Canterbury Atheists Can’t make a difference CaroLINES CASE: The Center for Atheistic Secular Evangelism CHADMAC Speaks Chaos Maniac Chimaera Contemplations Choosing Atheism CHRISTIAN PWNAGE 101 Christianity is Bullshit! Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster Circular Reasoning Cogita Tute – Think For Yourself cognitive dissident Coming Out Godless Compendium of Religious Evil Conclusions worth jumping to Confessions of an Anonymous Coward Cosmic Variance Covert History Creative Century Critical Mass Crowded Head, Cozy Bed Culture for all Cupcakes in Hell

Part 2 of huge list

Next bit. In case anyone is trying out this method, I forgot to mention that this list-posting method doesn’t take out the “last updated” bit.

My idea for doing that was to paste the list into a word processor and insert commas before the word “title” and before the word “href.” Then, save the file in csv format, open it in a spreadsheet program and delete the column that fell between the commas. Then save it back into text file format and paste the text into WordPress.

But, through trial and error (scientific method :-)) I found out that you also have to insert line breaks at the end of each line. I tried a find and replace but didn’t bother to cut down the spaces first, so I missed some. I gave up at this point. After all, the “last updated” bit doesn’t matter.

Atheism and Coffee Atheism Is Not Evil Atheism Online Atheism Sucks – sucks Atheism through rationalism and science Atheism | Atheism: Proving The Negative Atheist A Go-Go! Atheist Anonymous Atheist Armaments Atheist Bitch Atheist Blogs Aggregated Atheist Ethicist Atheist Girls Atheist Haven Atheist Hussy Atheist Liberty Atheist Media Blog Atheist Momma Atheist Movies Atheist Okie Atheist Peace Atheist Propaganda Atheist Revolution Atheist Think Tank Atheist Tuesday Atheist Wisdom Atheista Atheistkiwi’s Weblog Atheists And Christians Community Blog Atheists Rule! AtheisTube Atheology Axis of Jared Ayrshire Blog

Babble and Rants Babble, bullshit, blasphemy and being. Bad Thinking Barrum Bright Blog Bay of Fundie Beaman’s World Because No One Asked Being Human Ben’s Place Berto: Philosophy Monkey Bert’s Blog Beyond Belief BHA Science Group Bible Study for Atheists biblioblography Billion Dollar Baloney bits of starstuff Bjorn & Jeannette’s Blog Black Coffee Black Sun Journal Black Woman Thinks Blasphemous Blogging Bligbi Blogesque Bloggin’ Off Blogue de Mathieu Demers blurp Bob Kowalski bore me to tears Born Again Atheist brainstorms Breaking Spells British Atheists Bruises Colours Buridan’s Ass BurntSushi By The Book Comics

Trailing in Barefoot Bum’s footsteps again

Taking the lead from Barefoot Bum’s post, I’ve tried to paste in the atheist blogroll in bits again. This is slice one. There are hundreds and hundreds of the buggers. Be very afraid, Answers in Genesis. (That’s a link to good HJhop discussion of its latest absurdities)

After various attempts to take the whole list and convert it to csv to strip out the “last posted” bit in the title, I gave up and went for viewing the source code – using the Firefox right click option that lets you choose to see the source of a selection – copying that and pasting it into WordPress visual view of the “Write post” window. Does it work? If you can see it and click on the links, yes.
(D’oh. HTML view, sorry…)
(((Billy))) The Atheist 1 2 3 Religious Comics 2000 Years of Deception 40 Year Old Atheist An Enlightened Observer A bordo del “Otto Neurath” A Division by Zer0 A geocentric view A Goat Called Nebulous A Hint of Neurosis A Human Mind A Positive view of Atheism A Voice Crying in the Metropolis A Whore in the Temple of Reason

A-Deistic AA Aardvarchaeology AASAUF Abandoning Eden About: Agnosticism / Atheism Aces Full of Links Action Skeptics After Faith Agni Setu Agnostic Atheism Agnostic Universe Blog Aidan Maconachy blog Al-Kafir Akbar! Alexander the Atheist Alex’s Heresies All that is, and all that shall be. Am I mad, or is the world? Amused Muse An Apostate’s Chapel An Atheist Woman’s Point Of View An Enlightened Observer An Insane Existence Anal Iced Bible And Say We Did And That’s How You Live With A Curse Anders Rasmussen Blog Andrew Clapper on… Angels Depart Angry Astronomer Angry by Choice Answers in Genesis BUSTED! Anti Deity Militia Apple of Doubt Arcis Logos Arizona Atheist Ateistbloggen

Was it something we said?

Our ranting has become notably less authoritative recently. (Odd, as I feel at least as authoritative as I have ever been. i.e. not at all.) And consistently less visible.

Maybe somebody has an explanation. The whole blogternet can’t have (slightly) broken, can it?

  • A week or so ago, I tried to post a comment on a student post on Pharyngula – to be told repeatedly, in the face of the evidence – that I needed to have a name and an email address. Checked. Yes they were definitely there. I copied and pasted. I rewrote them several times.

    The helpful message (I paraphrase here, and use leaden sarcasm while I’m doing it) said I was probably being blocked as spam, but that I could try enabling javascript or cookies or allowing/ deleting the science-blog cookies. Tried them all. My comment stayed unposted. It wasn’t a great loss to twenty-first century thought, to be honest. Still…

  • This blog has been leaking Technorati “authority” like an authority-leaking sieve. Over the past month, we’ve been dropping a few links a day, according to Technorati.

    One day, it was something like 40 down today from the previous day. I’m pretty certain I would have noticed three months ago, if the blog had suddenly accumulated 40 links in one day, . So how could we lose them all in one day?

    Oddly, firestats and feedburner show that blog hits are much higher than they were when we had twice the “authority”, three months ago.

  • We’ve been intermittently vanishing from the Atheist blogroll over the past few weeks. This now seems to have become a permanent affliction. I hovered over the blog’s name on an Atheist blogroll site that has a static list. It said the the last post was on Friday at 12:38. Well, no. There have been a good few posts since then.
  • When the blog has appeared on the blog roll, over the past few weeks, it has taken at least an hour to appear. If the posts are queued somewhere for an hour, where is that please? Because it doesn’t seem apply to other posts that just appear after they are posted.

    When we’ve looked at the time stamps of blogs that appear long before ours, we find they’ve been written later. And magically appeared without falling into some warp dimension on the way. Maybe it’s crossing the Atlantic then? No, that doesn’t work either. There are UK-based blogs that pop up seemingly almost as soon as they are posted.

    We were even testing an ongoing hypothesis that the blogroll would only display this blog name when there were another more recent three blogs to put ahead of it. We never managed to falsify this.

    However, being ungrateful at being consistently fourth started to seem a bit churlish when we vanished completely.

  • TW has tried pinging the blogroll, in various ways, without any effect. Pinging Technorati seems to have an effect, in that Technorati will usually list a post within a few minutes of a ping. Or even respond to the auto-ping function and find the blog posts, all by itself.

As a side-effect, an increasing proportion of visitors are coming directly from search engines. There is a fair amount of entertainment value in working out how some of these searches would have led to here, unless every other blog in the known world had already been taken straight to heaven in the Rapture.

Anyone with any ideas about what’s going on?

You’ll thank me later

I am following the lead of Migrations blog and pasting the Atheist Blogroll.

Number 21 of 50 Signs you’re a blogaholic reminds me that, for a true blogaholic:

# You care more about what Technorati says about your authority than what your children do.

Given that Technorati treats the Atheist Blogroll as having no effect on ranking anymore – possibly because it usually appears in a sidebar or it uses a script or both – I decided to give everyone on Mojoey’s Atheist Blogroll a link (as Migrations did) and up everyone’s authority a tad:

Continue reading

Technorati links mystery

Technorati gives this blog a level of authority that could be considered pretty generous,given the unauthoritative nature of most of our posts. However, for the uninitiated, in Technoratispeak, “authority” refers to how popular you blog is, determined by how many other blogs link to it, not by how authoritative your content is (mercifully…).

But, links to us from the Atheist Blogroll that I can actually see on my screen – and that send visitors to us, according to FireStats – haven’t been listed for months.

I’ve tried researching the reasons for this, unsure whether the fault lies with our code (that would hardly be a first), our recent attempts to restyle the site (not an unmitigated success, yet), Technorati or the Atheist blogroll’s code.

I am none the wiser. This appears in Technorati’s explanation for why links may not get picked up.

If the link was in a blogroll, you may want to check to see if the hyperlink to your blog is located in the blog source of the blogroll. Blogroll links that are generated via a tool or script are not seen. The blogroll must reside in the blog home page as well. If the blogroll is in a subsection or directory of the site, it is not seen or picked up

On an experimental basis, I visited the most recent posters (at the top of the blogroll list on the left.) doesn’t actually show the blogroll, nor have a link to Technorati that I could have used to check if it picks up the link from us.

Sans God has us on the Blogroll, on the index page and not below the so-called jump (other Technorati forum reasons for not seeing links) When I looked for blogs that link to Sans God, I see: “Why Dont You Blog? by Admin Istrator · 44 days ago ” Well no. It rather looks to me as if we linked to them today and yesterday and the day before and so on. When the 6 months from 44 days ago is up, we will disappear off their list of linked blogs.

God is pretend has a scrolling blogroll. Maybe that’s why our blog – which shot itself in the listing foot by starting with a letter as close as dammit to the end of the alphabet – doesn’t appear to be linked to from here. But, wait, God is pretend has only 3 inbound links and Whydontyou doesnt appear in the three. Maybe that’s because they are using a script.

We get lots of links from visitors to Gratuitous common sense and I can see us quite clearly on their blogroll, on the index page, not below the jump etc. Ahha. Technorati thinks this has links from whydontyou, but dates them as 35 and 50 days ago…..

I am getting bored with this. You get the picture. The only links that keep getting consistently
updated are from Parabiodox (ffs :-D) and content-scrapers. Any ideas?

Planet Atheism

Over on the Planet Atheism Blog, Dehumanizer has written a post letting people know the “State of Planet Atheism” and it certainly makes interesting reading. If you haven’t already visited the Planet Atheism site, you really should check it out. Basically it aggregates feeds from atheist-related blogs and combines them into a single, easy to read, source.

According to this post, PA is only 4 months old and it is already getting over 200 hits a day, with another 100 feed hits. This is very good going and shows it is not just a niche blog. If you are already a reader, why not spread the word? Add a few links to PA on your own blog.

If you have your own blog, and you think it would be good to have your posts collected on PA, have a look at the Way of the Mind pages for details on how to join. It really is easy. If you have an atheist blog you really should get on Planet Atheism and the Atheist Blogroll. You wont regret doing either 🙂 . Apart from anything else, these two sites (services?) go a long way towards creating an international “Atheist Community” which certainly is a good thing.

Speaking on behalf of this blog, I would like to say a big thanks to PA, it certainly drives a lot of traffic this way (at the moment around 50 hits a day come from PA which is good going) and it provides an excellent resource. It is free so anything people can do to help keep it this way would be great.

[tags]Planet Atheism, Blog, Software, Aggregator, blog-aggregator, atheism, atheist, atheist-blogroll, society[/tags]

DOS attack?

This blog started behaving disturbingly after TW’s last post. All posts just vanished. A few minutes later the content reappeared but the Atheist blogroll had become a featureless void.

A quick link to the almighty Mojoey’s site showed that the blogroll was even missing from its own home.

Pinging the blog roll brought this response:

While trying to retrieve the URL: http://www.*************ping.phtml

The following error was encountered:

Socket Failure
The system returned:

(49) Can’t assign requested addressSquid is unable to create a TCP socket, presumably due to excessive load. Please retry your request.

Your cache administrator is admin@******

Obviously, an outsider can’t tell whether this is just a server that can’t cope with the huge numbers of enthusiastically blogging atheists (:-D one can always hope) or whether it’s a DOS attack.

The lack certainly brings home what a public service it is. I do hope it’s sorted out soon.