End of infinity

To retain the will to live, I’ve bunched up the alphabetical-order challenged members of the Atheist Blogroll all in one final burst of links.

Sorry if your blog is called “Zeebedee’s Journal.” This blog, starting as it does with an unappealing W, feels your pain.

P! PA Nonbelievers parenthetical remarks Persephone’s Box Pharyngula Philippine Atheists Philosophers’ Playground phreedom.us physicshead Pink Prozac Pink Triangle Pinoy Atheist Pinoy Freethinker Pinoy-Korean Atheist Planet Atheism Planet Humanism Plonka’s Blog Podblack Blog Polypyloctomy PONZO Pooflingers Anonymous Post Thought Primordial Blog Principles of Parsimony Prose Justice Protium the Heathen Psychodiva’s Mutterings PURPOSE OF LIFE
QuarkScrew Quintessential Rambling quird

Radical Atheist Ramblings Ramblings of an Atheist Undergrad Random Intelligence Rank Atheism Rarus vir Rational Expression Rational Mom Rational Russian RationalEyes Ravings of an Angry Leftist Re-imagine Ritual Real Virtuality Reality Heroes Reason & Society Reason Makes Sense… Right? Reason TV Reasonable Doubts Recalcitrance Reduce to Common Sense Reeding and Writing RejectMoses.com Religion is Bullshit ! Religion is Man-Made Replace the lies with truth Resurrecting Reason REV. ART’S ATHEIST PIN-UPS! Rev. BigDumbChimp reVAMPed Reverend Mark J. Seydel Richard Carrier Blogs Rideo ergo sum Robert’s Thought’s Rodibidably Ron’s Rants Rupture the Rapture Russell’s Teapot RWANDAN ATHEIST

Sacred Celtic exiled in Bruxelles Saint Gasoline Salad Is Slaughter Salient SAMIZDAT Sans God Sarahnomics Scary Reasoner Scripture For Skeptics SDARI Sean the Blogonaut Secular Humanism with a human face Secular Philosophy Secular Sunday Sermon See For Yourself Seeing Beauty Shared Difference SHUFFL Silly Humans Situation normal Skeptic Journal Skeptic Rant Skeptical Monkey skepticisme Skeptico Skepticology Skepticum Skeptic’s Play Skeptigator So long, and thanks for all the guilt! Societal (R)evolution Something From Nothing Something to Say Son Shines Zee 365 Soup’s Soapbox Southern Atheist Spanish Inquisitor Specter of Reason Spectrum of Beliefs Spewing Truth in the face of Lies Splendid Elles Spoliarium Spread Rationality stacy, interrupted Stardust Musings and Thoughts for the Freethinker Stargazer Staring At Empty Pages State of Protest stereoroid.com Steven Carr’s Blog Strange Land Strappado Stupid Evil Bastard Stupid, Lazy, Fat & Crazy Suburban Panic! Success lies within us all Summer Squirrel Synapostasy Tabula rasa tales of an ordinary girl Tangled Up In Blue Guy Tarpan’s Blog Terahertz – From Physics to Life
Terminal Atheist Thank God I’m An Atheist That is so Queer…

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The Questionable Authority The Rad Guy Blog The Raving Atheist The Red Ferret The Religion Virus the religious atheist The Renegade Writings The Right Wing Professor’s Blog the Science Ethicist The Science Pundit The Scottish Atheist The Second Mouses Guide to Life The Second Oldest Question The Secular Outpost The Secular-Man Blog (An Oasis of Clear Thinking) The Serenity of Reason The Seven Solitudes The shadows of an open mind The Skepbitch The Skeptic Review the skeptical alchemist The Skeptical Sorcerer The Smug Baldy Speaks The Stubborn Curmudgeon! The Thermal Vent The Thinkers’ Podium The Truth Of Islam The Truth of Rational Thought The Uncredible Hallq The Underground Unbeliever The Uninformed Suburban Housewife The Uninspired Manifesto The Universe According to Tim The Untraditionalist The View from Here The View from the Pond The Water is Poison The Word and The Golden Monkey The World is a Lesson in Perspective The World Wide Rant The Zen Of G

These Twisted Times Thought Room Thought Theater Thoughts and Opinions Tidbits for Atheists Tolerance and Peace toomanytribbles Toxic thought waste site Trifling Ideas Trinity’s Christian Dairy Troffle Trudging the Gentle Path of Happy Destiny True Bible Knowledge Tungtide UberKuh Uncouth.net Ungodly Cynic Unorthodox Atheism Unreasonable Faith Unscrewing The Inscrutable Urikalization – Uri Kalish Variable Veracity Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy Velocity Inversion Vetenskap & Förnuft View From Earth Villa Nandes Vincent Geloso: 100% libéralisé

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12 thoughts on “End of infinity

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  2. looks like you went to a lot of trouble.
    personally I don’t really care about the technorati ranking.
    I like to list all the blogs on one page on my blog, mainly because the free wordpress host doesn’t allow scripts.

    It sounds like you may not have taken the easiest way to get the complete list. I have a good method on my atheist blogroll page, if anyone else is interested.

  3. Thanks, Oz Atheist

    But, as it turns out technorati decided to ignore these posts anyway so it doesn’t really matter.

    And – unlike everybody else, apparently – I do bloody care about technorati ranking.

    Because I sort of imagine that getting posts read is generally what having a blog is all about……

    I don’t think Technorati has much to do with that. In fact, we get about twice as many unique non-bot visits a day with a pathetic ranking of barely more than 100 than we did when we were ranked at over 400 – when Technorati actually took the sidebar atheist blogroll into account.

    However, the point of the postings is not to bump up this blog’s rank. It couldn’t do that. It’s the exact opposite. It was an attempt at altruistic boosting of other blogs on the blogroll in general. Which might a boost a few newb blogs enough so they get any visits.

    Not just altruism, of course. I was sort of assuming some reciprocity, naturally

    (Or that was the thinking. As I say, It didn’t work anyway.)

  4. Have you thought of adding social buttons like Reddit or Yahoo Buzz? I tend not to comment when I agree with you and I’ve nothing to add. Clicking a button to improve your ranking somewhere would be an alternative to the usual brief round of applause.

    I’m surprised that there still isn’t a competitor to seriously challenge Technorati. A halfway decent search engine and some social tools done properly would make for an interesting site.

  5. Heather – there was some reciprocation! People who posted comments objecting to the huge link farm actually did what you were hoping.

    There are a few points I’d like to raise regarding this:

    The biggest problem with atheist blogs (and Web 2.0 in general) is that we are all very good at sitting in our own little worlds, writing our blogs and reading the select few we approve of. This is all well and good, but set against that is the massive social machine that is the theist blog. These monsters can generate huge amounts of backlinks which in turn perverts the effects of “innocent” searches (although I doubt there is anyone left on the planet who isnt polarised…).

    There are a few atheist bloggers who have massively condemned linking posts like this but, IMHO, they are massively missing the point – sadly, as they also seem to be the bloggers who post but dont read I am not sure they will even see this comment.

    LIke it or not (personally, I dont think it is a great idea but…) posts like this have generated more debate between blogs than I have seen in a while. How can that not be a good thing? People who have never previously read this blog (who reads more than 5-6 blogs? Who delves deeper than the top 10 of the blogroll?) have found out about its existence and read at least 1 post – maybe they were curious enough to read more.

    How is that a bad idea?

    It strikes me as a touch unusual that some of the people criticising the linkfarm post present two apparently contradictory arguments: In one breath they say wanting to increase your ranking/popularity/authority is stupid then in the next they complain that the link post reduces the authority (etc) of the target blog. If they really dont care about their rank, why care if it is reduced?

    It is a shame that, other than the uber-blogs like Pharyngula where the most innane, tedious, post will get seventy six million comments, very few atheist blog posts get more than half a dozen. It is great that we are all free thinkers, but it would be nice if we could encourage each other more.

    (rant over)

    Alun – there is a “Submit This” link which allows people to add to various social networking sites 🙂

    I fully agree with you about how weird it is that Technocrappi hasn’t been toppled yet. Given how erratic, temperamental and (basically) pants it is, you’d have thought someone could have done better. I wish I had the coding skills to try! 🙂

  6. I see it now. For some reason ‘Share This’ isn’t very visible. In my old age I prefer bigger buttons. I see you have Sphere too, which I was going to mention as a possible Technorait competitor, but I never found that it gave useful links when I had it enabled, and it’s similar here. There’s a post about Obama and four spam links. If I did blog on American politics then it would be useful, but it’s never quite grasped the niches.

    Anyway I’ve submitted the site to Challenge Religion. That seems to have its own problems with updates at the moment.

  7. Thanks – I agree it is not the most immediately visible of applications, but Heather and I have hit a few problems when we tried to re-design the blog (which it urgently needs – lots of things are breaking).

    Sphere is very hit and miss – I am not completely sold on it, and it has caused a few problems, however when we removed it last year the developers were kind enough to get in touch and convinced me to put it back 🙂 It might have totally out lived its usefulness now.

  8. Heather I hope you’ve read the post I made on this subject (the trackback on the second position). Simply it’s not that you shouldn’t care about your technorati authority, it’s that it does not matter.

    It does not signify readers and it won’t bring you any more of them. Hell, I get technorati authority because people are linking to my wordpress plugin page. Does this mean that they’ve read me? No.

    Try to increase your feedburner subscribers, not your technorati rank.

  9. Alun
    Thanks for the email by the way.
    Your ideas are good, of course.

    For what it’s worth- my user report on them

    I am pretty bad at using the “Share this” stuff. Even when it’s visible, it needs you to remember your user name. I almost never can and – because I make up the personal details at random when I subscribe to anything – I can never get the details back when I plan to use the thing.
    Stumbleupon seems to generate the most traffic. I should remember to use it more.
    Reddit always thinks I’ve become a bot if I submit two blogs in any day and tends to make me jump through so many hoops I abandoned the unequal struggle to use it.
    Sphere should be really good but. a syou say, there is so often no relation between posts and the sphere content, it’s a disappointment.

  10. db0

    Yes i read your post. thought you’d misunderstood my objective a bit.

    I wasn’t trying to do this blog any favours. I had even taken it for granted that putting loads of links in a few posts could actively damage this blogs google page rank. But, I’ve done this before, ever since technorati started ignoring the sidebars.

    I certainly wasn’t trying to turn this into a temporary linkfarm. One of my problems with Technorati is that it does reward link-farms.

    You don’t need a planet size brain, if you are running a link farm, to see that Technorati ignores links in the sidebars and accepts any in posts. Blog spammers (internet marketing folk) or whatever are way ahead of the curve.

    Feedburner hits are always welcome and we get lots, but they are a completely different matter.
    I’ve never subscribed to anything myself. I’m too idle and very cagey, so I don’t like signing up to anything. So I imagine that others don’t.

    Charmed as I am by the idea that people excitedly opened this blog and then turned away disappointed cos it just had a few posts full of links, instead of its normal wit and wisdom, I am pretty sure that falls under the category of self-delusion. Still I can dream….

  11. Hey Heather, I understood that most people did this out of altruism (I thought I had mentioned that in the article but it seems that I haven’t 😕 ). That was another reason why you shouldn’t do it since not only it does not help, but it harms.

    In the end I didn’t write this to accuse anyone but rather to warn and inform.

    Feedburner hits are always welcome and we get lots, but they are a completely different matter.
    I’ve never subscribed to anything myself. I’m too idle and very cagey, so I don’t like signing up to anything. So I imagine that others don’t.

    You’d be surprised. I can only suggest you put your feed through feedburner and check how many subscribers you have and then decide 😉

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