Another plagiarised contribution to humanity

More atheist AND/OR progressive blogs filched from Barefoot Bum’s list:

  • Because I think it’s a good idea to boost their authority
  • Because I am too idle to find my own and most of his are better than ones I could come up with
  • This idleness sadly goes hand in hand with also being too lazy to remove “last updated”s which are out of date.
  • I’ve started so I’ll finish. It’s about halfway through the list now.
  • Wow. I feel like I’m spamming for Good. Is this some sort of Devil’s Advocate style moral trap?


Easy to be Entreated
Edward T. Babinski
Elaine Vigneault
Everyday Atheism
Everyday Humanist
Everything Is Pointless
Evolutionary Middleman
Evolved and Rational
Excursions into the mundane and the revealing…
Exercise in Futility
Expletive Deleted
Explicit Atheist
f think
faith in honest doubt
Fear No Atheist
Feersum Endjinn
Fish Wars on Cars
Five Public Opinions
Fleeing Nergal, Seeking Stars
Flex Your Head
Free Infidel
Free Mind Joe
FreeThought by a FreeThinker
Freethought Weekly

Starting from the bottom

See, it’s a pun on “bum”? (See last post) Geddit? Hmm. I can’t say I blame you.

As promised, here are the last 70 blogs on the atheist blogroll.

Friendly Atheist
Fundy Post
Geeks And Technology
Geoff Arnold
Ghastly’s Ghastly Journal
Gideonse Bible
God is for Suckers!
Greta Christina’s Blog
Hot Dogs, Pretzels, and Perplexing Questions
Indigent A-hole
Informed Comment
James Randi Educational Foundation
Joel on Software
Jon Swift
Largest Minority
Made By Monkeys
Mike the Mad Biologist
Often Right, Rarely Correct
Old New Thing
Only In America (Himself)
Open Reading Frame
Opinions of Doron Zeilberger
Osterley Times
Pat Condell
Planet Atheism
Planet Humanism
Political Crank
Ramblings (Ron Murphy)
Richard Dawkins
Rude Pundit
Saint Gasoline
Scientia Natura
Secular Coalition for America
Secular Thoughts
Shakespeare’s Sister
skippy the bush kangaroo
Snapshots from an Ordinary Life
Stephen Law
Talking Philosophy
Talking Points Memo
Thalesian Fools
Think Progress
Thinker’s Podium
This Modern World
Thoughts from a Sandwich
Tiny Revolution
TomDispatch + busblog
TPM Online
Truth, Justice & Peace
Unabashed Atheist
virtual philosopher
Welcome to Pottersville
Whore in the Temple of Reason
Wolcott’s Blog
You Made Me Say It

Thanks to Barefoot bum

Bum has a different meaning here in the UK but the barefoot one is obviously not an ass because he posted the Atheist Blogroll and the Progressive Blogroll in an optimist attempt to even up the technorati ranks again.

We’ve done this once. I think it might work better if we cut the blogrolls up into chunks and post a few a day, or, as some of Barefoot’s commenters say, they may get ignored anyway.

New Page – Blogroll

Just for general site admin / information purposes: we have added a new permanent page to hold the Why Dont You Blogroll. I am going to see how this goes for a while and then, if there are no problems, I will move the blogroll out of the sidebar where it currently lives.

The only hurdle I can see with this is that it may impact on any technorati link ratings. As far as I see it, each time we make a new post, the pages in the blogroll should all have their technorati authority link from us “refreshed” as it were (resetting the 180 count down). Moving them to a new page make cause problems – but as, at the moment, it seems technocrappi is not reading our outbound links properly anyway, it may not matter.

Please, let me know what you think about this.

Technorati links mystery

Technorati gives this blog a level of authority that could be considered pretty generous,given the unauthoritative nature of most of our posts. However, for the uninitiated, in Technoratispeak, “authority” refers to how popular you blog is, determined by how many other blogs link to it, not by how authoritative your content is (mercifully…).

But, links to us from the Atheist Blogroll that I can actually see on my screen – and that send visitors to us, according to FireStats – haven’t been listed for months.

I’ve tried researching the reasons for this, unsure whether the fault lies with our code (that would hardly be a first), our recent attempts to restyle the site (not an unmitigated success, yet), Technorati or the Atheist blogroll’s code.

I am none the wiser. This appears in Technorati’s explanation for why links may not get picked up.

If the link was in a blogroll, you may want to check to see if the hyperlink to your blog is located in the blog source of the blogroll. Blogroll links that are generated via a tool or script are not seen. The blogroll must reside in the blog home page as well. If the blogroll is in a subsection or directory of the site, it is not seen or picked up

On an experimental basis, I visited the most recent posters (at the top of the blogroll list on the left.) doesn’t actually show the blogroll, nor have a link to Technorati that I could have used to check if it picks up the link from us.

Sans God has us on the Blogroll, on the index page and not below the so-called jump (other Technorati forum reasons for not seeing links) When I looked for blogs that link to Sans God, I see: “Why Dont You Blog? by Admin Istrator ร‚ยท 44 days ago ” Well no. It rather looks to me as if we linked to them today and yesterday and the day before and so on. When the 6 months from 44 days ago is up, we will disappear off their list of linked blogs.

God is pretend has a scrolling blogroll. Maybe that’s why our blog – which shot itself in the listing foot by starting with a letter as close as dammit to the end of the alphabet – doesn’t appear to be linked to from here. But, wait, God is pretend has only 3 inbound links and Whydontyou doesnt appear in the three. Maybe that’s because they are using a script.

We get lots of links from visitors to Gratuitous common sense and I can see us quite clearly on their blogroll, on the index page, not below the jump etc. Ahha. Technorati thinks this has links from whydontyou, but dates them as 35 and 50 days ago…..

I am getting bored with this. You get the picture. The only links that keep getting consistently
updated are from Parabiodox (ffs :-D) and content-scrapers. Any ideas?

Atheist Blogroll Problem?

Is anyone else having problems with the Atheist Blogroll? For some reason the code include doesn’t seem to be showing updated blogs (it used to mark them as “**new”), even though I have the rolling code set up. This is not a critical error really, although it is giving a lot of exposure to the 25 blogs currently showing ๐Ÿ™‚ , but it is annoying as I used to use this to give me leads as to which blogs were updated and worth visiting.

It is possible that Blogrolling has finally bit the bullet, and it seems MoJoey is already looking at alternatives, and I suspect they cant come soon enough…

Atheist serpent eating own tail

We will now bow our heads in worship of the marvellous Mojoey’s Atheist Blogroll (see below right – or elsewhere, depending on whetherTW is experimenting with another new theme at the moment) The serpent eating its own tail bit means that this blog, being on the blogroll, is about to discuss the blogroll.

This blog has leapt from Technorati insignificance to the lower reaches of the blogistocrcay thanks to its magical touch.

Firstly, there are some blogs on the roll that I find utterly infuriating. I’m buggered if I can identify any logical connection between a miltant pro-Israeli stance and atheism, for a start, but there seem to be more than their fair share of blogs emitting very pro-Israeli rants. I’m obviously missing something here, but isn’t Israel by definition a Jewish state?

I seem to remember that Judaism is normally considered a religion. Couldn’t you even argue that the behaviour of Israel has been the biggest single spur to the rise if militant Islamic fundamentalism. Just saying. (There are no problems with the “Jewish atheist” site, which is totally what one would expect to belong on the blogroll. I.e. It’s by an atheist who was brought up into the Jewish tradition.)

I’m going to ignore these odd blogs. Free speech and so on. Instead, I’m going to unfairly pick out the most stunningly brilliant atheist blogs in case you haven’t read them. (Unfairly because this is on only the basis of the most brilliant ones I’ve read recently.)

Blog of the gods God’s own blog, written in the first person. As infernally brilliant as you’d expect from the creator of the universe. Can be almost unbearably funny. The Sycophants section is particularly good, with God slagging off the people who are shamelessly flattering Him/Her to get in His/Her good books. S/He writes a few more new commandments, sends a few deserving people to Hell for all eternity. You are even guaranteed eternal life in heaven if you click on a sponsored link. (This appears to involve you getting pop-up spam, sadly, though, maybe for ever.)

Nullfidian The blog would collectively say Nullfidian was God, were it not for the fact that the Blog of the Gods suggests the post has been filled. Never seen a boring post on his blog. That’s not a challenge, by the way.

There would be some danger of turning this blog into a scraper and just posting content from Pharyngula, Nullfidian or Blog of the Gods, if we let ourselves do that. So I won’t point you to nullifidian’s 2000-years-of-learning/ blogofthegods’ godmen-tyler-durden-meets-ned-flanders/ (These are just tasters, linking to their most recent posts. Trawl the rest.)

I was going to add another half dozen links here, but I started worrying about choosing excellent blog x over equally excellent blog y. Or the list would have been massive, Ah, isn’t that what the blogroll is for?