Another plagiarised contribution to humanity

More atheist AND/OR progressive blogs filched from Barefoot Bum’s list:

  • Because I think it’s a good idea to boost their authority
  • Because I am too idle to find my own and most of his are better than ones I could come up with
  • This idleness sadly goes hand in hand with also being too lazy to remove “last updated”s which are out of date.
  • I’ve started so I’ll finish. It’s about halfway through the list now.
  • Wow. I feel like I’m spamming for Good. Is this some sort of Devil’s Advocate style moral trap?


Easy to be Entreated
Edward T. Babinski
Elaine Vigneault
Everyday Atheism
Everyday Humanist
Everything Is Pointless
Evolutionary Middleman
Evolved and Rational
Excursions into the mundane and the revealing…
Exercise in Futility
Expletive Deleted
Explicit Atheist
f think
faith in honest doubt
Fear No Atheist
Feersum Endjinn
Fish Wars on Cars
Five Public Opinions
Fleeing Nergal, Seeking Stars
Flex Your Head
Free Infidel
Free Mind Joe
FreeThought by a FreeThinker
Freethought Weekly

4 thoughts on “Another plagiarised contribution to humanity

  1. Thanks for the link.
    I like these memes because they’re organic. They show how human behavior is not always easily predicted the way Google and Technorati write their algorithms.
    Again, thanks 🙂

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