Atheist Blogroll Problem?

Is anyone else having problems with the Atheist Blogroll? For some reason the code include doesn’t seem to be showing updated blogs (it used to mark them as “**new”), even though I have the rolling code set up. This is not a critical error really, although it is giving a lot of exposure to the 25 blogs currently showing 🙂 , but it is annoying as I used to use this to give me leads as to which blogs were updated and worth visiting.

It is possible that Blogrolling has finally bit the bullet, and it seems MoJoey is already looking at alternatives, and I suspect they cant come soon enough…

5 thoughts on “Atheist Blogroll Problem?

  1. the blogrolling service we use,, is not working properly. I do not have control over it. I only know that everyone who uses the service is experiencing the same problem. Blogrolling has unbelievable bad service, especially since tucows bought them. They do not post stats, they do not respond to emails, and they care. I’m looking for another service, but I have not found one yet.

  2. mojoey, I realise you have no say over and I realise it isn’t your “fault” or anything.

    Hopefully you can find a better solution soon, I really liked the Atheist Blogroll and it directed me to some great, well written posts I would otherwise have missed.

  3. It seems this has been working for a while now (unnoticed by myself, sadly) but I still think Mojoey (if he ever reads this!) should continue his search for a better hosting system.

  4. I’m looking. The blogroll is a great tool to build a community. It pisses me off that it has fallen tnto disrepair. I’ve been loooking and testing, but so far nothing that does the job as well has come to my attention.

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