WordPress upgrade mildly broken

Bits keep falling off this blog like so many bits of newspaper escaping from the recycling van cage. (E.g. the Atheist blogroll became landfill months ago, although I see it still works fine on dozens of sites.)

After bowing to WordPress’s nagging requests and upgrading WordPress to version x (I can’t remember) two days ago, I find that I can’t attach tags to posts.

Any ideas?

7 thoughts on “WordPress upgrade mildly broken

  1. My biggest beef with wordpress is how incompatible it is with many web gadgets and functions. It looks much better than blogger, but blogger is much more flexible.

  2. No problem on my private site, but this is of little help. Have you tried a work-around through the Quick-edit system?

    Alternatively, are tags showing up in admin, but not on the public side of the site?

  3. Chaplain
    I think WordPress is pretty wonderful, though. I’ve only tried blogger a couple of years ago, when it didn’t let you do much at all. Maybe I should have another look at it.
    I think I tried it through Quick edit as well as Edit, but I’m not sure. I’ll look at that more closely.
    The tags aren’t showing up at all. If I add one to the tagging box, it vanishes. The option tosearch existing tags (which has an html link) just doesnt’t do anything either

  4. I suspect it might be that the tags are simply too unwieldy to function with this version. The ones in use here number in the gazillion and are a throwback to the early days of UTW with little or no alteration or grooming. I am amazed they have lasted as long as they have….

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