New Plugins etc.

For info, there have been some new plugins activated on this site. The first changes the default setting of WordPress which adds a “rel=nofollow” tag to the URLs of people who leave comments. After following a bit of a debate on this, I fell into the camp which thought it was better to let google (et al) follow links to people who take the time comment.  As a result of this, any random, pointless, comments which appear to be nothing more than link generators will be manually deleted and the IP address blacklisted. The second plug in allows you to edit your comment for a short while (3 mins) after you post it. If the comment is held in the moderation queue, you must make any edits before you refresh the page or change URL. Let me know what you think.

2 thoughts on “New Plugins etc.

  1. It seem the plug editing comment breaks the site theme and leaves a HUGE gap. I suspect that we are going to change the theme, rather than edit the plugin but all comments and opinions are still more than welcome.

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