Evolution – Humour or Crank?

Once more, the Great Tuatatis has guided me to some more erratic websites (I suspect I actually found it as a link on someone else’s blog, but unfortunately I cant remember who to tip my hat to, sorry).

Anyway, however it happened, on the phs1966.com blog, there is a post called “Can we really call evolution science.” It is a short post, so I will copy it here in full:

Evolution is not science. I’ll give you an exact quote from a dictionary, what the word SCIENCE means. Science: 1. Originally, knowledge 2. Systematized knowledge derived from observation, study, and experimentation. 3. A branch of knowledge, especially one concerned with establishing and systematizing facts, principles, and methods.
If you say evolution is science your going against the meaning. Evolution is not fact, it’s theory. The definition says that science is observation and facts. Is evolution observation and fact?! I don’t think so!
If you think creationism is a bunch of crud then conferm that thought after you take a look at this website: http://www.answersingenesis.org/home/area/qa.asp
For everyones information, I’m home schooled. That explains why I’m so “stupid”

evolution is fake.
God created the world in 6 days.

Now, in the past I used to pride myself in my irony detectors and sarcasm alert system. This time it fails me. I can not, for the life of me, accept that this is a legit post by some one who really does believe the woo they are coming out with. However, given the recent crops of websites I have had the, erm, pleasure, of reading, I think it may be legit.  Assuming this is true, and there are people uneducated enough to agree with this line of woo-ish nonsense, I can’t help but laugh at the line of reasoning.

The whole refutation of evolution hinges on “I dont think so!” How funny is that? I love the “for everyones information bit” — that will keep me chuckling for ages and may make it into my .sig file!

6 thoughts on “Evolution – Humour or Crank?

  1. I mean the link was from Nullfidian’s blog, not the “I’m home schooled. That explains why I am so stupid” blog, which does indeed speak its own volumes for the benefits of public education.

  2. Thanks (Nullifidian) and I will forgive your typo 🙂

    As an aside, I am going to add a comment editing plugin so people can fix minor mistakes like the above easily and by themselves.

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