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As mentioned previously, we have added some new plugins here and it seems they have broken the theme quite badly. This leaves us with two choices, and as the theme itself has become a bit annoying (second thoughts over the sponsored links, for example), it seems it is time to try out a new theme. The last time we tried this, there were problems in the old versions of IE so I would appreciate it if people can let us know what you think of the layout of the site now.

In addition a “struggle” is ongoing (offline) against the CSS files but when it is won (and by Toutatis it will be WON), we will be moving (again) to a bespoke theme. Thank you for your patience.

3 thoughts on “Site Admin

  1. I like it! I was just getting used to your old theme, as I wasn’t a big fan of it when I first made my way over here. But this one is easier on the eyes from the get-go.

  2. Sorry to do that raining on your parade thing again…. I do like the layout in general.

    But apart from the orange hurting my eyes (as seen on an ancient CRT monitor anyway), this theme is doing that mad outdenting posts thing in IE 6 that consigned the last but one to the bin.
    If I look at anything in the Categories list, the first 5 characters of every post are sliced off.

    I think its going to be down to providing a subtly different them foor each browser, I’m afraid. argh. (And that’s not even counting the relative/absolute positioning screen res thing, which is indeed a nightmare.)

  3. Chris, thanks for the comments.

    Heather, as for the IE6 problem, I really have no idea how to solve this. It is not something I can recreate locally so I can’t find out where it stems from. I suspect the only solution will be for you to work on it. If you can identify where the “problem” kicks in, we might be able to find out what is causing it. I suspect CSS inheritance is to blame, but I cant find it happening anywhere else.

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