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Contast WordPress Theme ScreenshotBit off the normal track here, but there is a new theme available from Compuskills which I think is really pretty (although I am biased) and if it wasn’t for the fact I like this theme, we would probably be using it here.

Have a look, let them know what you think (I took the photo they use, in case you are wondering..) and if you think it looks good use it on your own blog. They are willing to modify or create themes to your specifications as well, so if you are looking for an overhaul give them a shout. For non-WP users (you weirdos) they may also be willing to accommodate your system.
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Theme Change

As mentioned previously, the site has undergone another theme change. Hopefully this one should address the problems people had with the older one, and present a nice, pleasant look and feel to the blog.

As with last time, all comments and feedback is more than welcome. Please let us know if you find anything wrong so we can try to fix it!

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Taster of the new site theme - 01 June 07Another short note, the promised site redesign is under way – and hopefully nearly completed! The new theme should look quite similar to this screenshot here, notably with only a single sidebar, and ideally has taken on board most – if not all – of the feedback we have received.

If all goes well, the style will be changed before the weekend and we can settle down to more ranting about idiocy.

Thank you for your patience.

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New Style

As you may see from the site, we have taken the plunge and gone for a whole new style here. This has been designed for us by Compuskills and as far as I am aware it will be made available for free download from the compuskills blog site in the very near future.

This theme has also been tweaked a little to try and address some of the issues this blog has been having lately. Hopefully you should now find the site faster and more responsive. If you have any questions or issues with this theme please let us know. We are genuinely interested if you have any problems with the navigation or find the style is broken in anyway.

Thank you for your patience.

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New WhyDontYou Site

If you haven’t already seen the news on the CompuSkills Web design blog, there is a new “parent” site for Why Dont You under construction.

This site is expected to be ready by July this year, and will be the home to a variety of articles on some of the topics we blog about here. We are aiming to include quite a bit on philosophy and logic, and possibly expose some of the more common fallacies people fall prey to.

You can see the design of the site as it it evolves on the CompuSkills design testbed – if there is anything you would like to see, or something you would like to know about let us know.

Compuskills Site Redesign

I dont know if you have had the chance to read the Compuskills Web Design Blog recently, but as mentioned there we have been working on a fairly large overhaul on the Compuskills site. Most of the work has been to convert the previous pages into a database served CMS, with only minor cosmetic changes.

Everything has gone well, the new site should be live tonight and we can get back to the business of ranting and raving here again 🙂

More Technorati Oddness

For some reason, despite them being made hours ago now, and numerous pings, Technorati seems to have excluded the previous two posts from it’s index. The world (hubris? Me? never) is seriously crying out for a more workable solution than this and I don’t think Google Blogs is it. If I had my way, Compuskills would get it together and make one that really worked.