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Very short one. Things have been quiet here for a while (especially when you look back at January / February’s post rate!) and this is likely to remain the case for another week or so – with occasional bursts of activity 🙂

As the moment, I am on the road quite a bit (this is being sent by the wonders of a hotel WiFi link and isn’t cheap!) and, as is becoming a regular occurance, Heather’s Virgin Media cable connection has died. Virgin have assured Heather they will be out to fix it by Tuesday (she reported it on Thursday) so things may improve.

All I can say is, especially as I am looking at a new ISP, the last one I would consider is Virgin media.

5 thoughts on “Not Many Posts

  1. I agree! virgin media has to be the worse thing that has happened to cable. NTL wasn’t too great but now virgin has taken over its just got worse! I’m looking at Skys broadband connection, 16meg, hopefully it’ll be the rite choice, also nice blog

  2. John, thanks for the comments. I have heard a few people bemoaning the Virgin take over – most seemed quite happy with NTL or Telewest previously.

    At the moment I am with Pipex ADSL (and Freeview for TV), but as I am moving I need a new provider. The only real criteria I have is no download cap, which is actually harder to find than I thought…

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  4. BOTB – I am not sure if you have actually visited this site, or if that was an automated trackback / comment spam type of thing. I will let the link stand for now, but in future, if you feel the need to comment here, can you please try to do so in a manner which relates to the post you are commenting on.


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