Fairytale Castle

Well, despite the massively predictable bank holiday weekend weather here in the UK, a visit to Bodiam Castle was well worth it.

Bodiam castle is a National Trust property located in Sussex (not far from Hastings). It was built in the late 13th century as a “fortified home” for an English adventurer returning from France. It could well be argued that it isn’t really a castle, as it was more of a “manor house” with a moat and crenelations… This picture shows the front entrance of the castle – if there is interest / time, I will upload more pictures in the future.

Bodiam Castle - Front Entrance - 07 May 07

One other odd thing, was a strange looking duck. Being a City Dweller, I am not really up to speed on what water fowl look like, so this one caught my eye. Can anyone confirm what it is please?

Strange (to me) looking water fowl at Bodiam Castle

As always, feedback welcome.

3 thoughts on “Fairytale Castle

  1. Given the unusual bare red skin of the face, and the random patterning of the white feathers on a mostly black body, I’d give good money that what you are looking at (duckwise) is either straight-up muscovy or something like a Muscovy x domestic white duck hybrid (they do hybridise but the hybrids are often sterile).

  2. My comment went away? Eep? This is the edit…

    What I wanted to say: Given the bare red skin on the duck’s face, and the random white feathers on a mostly black body, I bet the duck is either a straight-up Muscovy or a muscovy x domestic white duck hybrid.

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