Give the public what they want

Based on the top Google searches that brought stray readers here today, there would be zillions of visitors to any post that referred to:

* morris dancers or morris dancing
* schwarzenegger
* adam curtis or charlie brooker
* quiche gay
* chip 666
* fine art
* castle with a moat or fairytale castle
* Viking names
* 5 fruit and veg a day

These searches do actually reach posts – usually from long ago. Sometimes I have to search this site myself, to find any post relating to a weird search term, because the idea that some particular searches brought anyone here seems inherently unlikely.

If we’d known that we’d hit the popularity motherlode with these topics, maybe we should have had the foresight to make the target posts more interesting.

I’m taking the opposite tack and using these words – nay, even tagging with them – just for the comedic satisfaction of seeing the number of hits go through the roof today. I.e., a day when there is no actual content in the post.

So, sorry, if you came here because of one of these search terms. Just think of yourself as taking part in a non-peer-reviewed experiment with the nature of internet “popularity.” Without any analysis of the results, either. But then, this experiment won’t give rise to any spurious pseudo-science or pseudo-consultation in the media, so it’s all good.

6 thoughts on “Give the public what they want

  1. Search engine traffic sure can be strange. Like you, I check this every once in awhile and am nearly always surprised at the sort of thing bringing people to Google or other search engines.

  2. I have it for you, Chaplain. However it is stuck in a bank and will need some funds to get it out. If you send me a mere $250,000 I will be able to release your million dollars. Doesn’t that sound like a bargain……

    😀 .

  3. Hey, Google is what brought me here originally….. can’t remember what I was searching for, but does it really matter? I come here about weekly, now and read through the ideas that you present, because, well I often find them either amusing, thought provoking, or match my own rantings and ravings….. not trying to imply that you are ranting or raving, but God knows that I am.Be advised, a million US dollars, doesn’t buy much anymore, at least not in the last four years. Maybe you can fill the your car’s petrol tank and have enough left for lunch! 🙂

  4. Redspade

    Thanks for your kind comment.

    I am well pleased that someone came here by semi-random chance and didn’t leave in irritation.

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