Classroom CCTV

An interesting Guardian post by school students who found their classroom was covered by 4 cameras and sound recording equipment.

2 thoughts on “Classroom CCTV

  1. I would avoid the comments on that post if I was you. Although there are many exemplar comments, others are just ignorant screeds by authoritarian lap-dogs, who seem to have the idea that anybody not in the stage of majority is an evil hoodlum, waiting for the chance to cause chaos and destruction. It’s enough to raise the blood pressure.

    PS It’s good to see you back to regular posting. My RSS feed was a lot emptier when you weren’t.

  2. XanderG

    You’re right about the comments. I’ve just had to look, spurred by the advice to avoid them of course.
    Sadly, the comments on most newspaper sites seem to be stuffed with what you aptly call authoritarian lapdogs. I prefer to be optimistic and assume that they are
    (a) all spoofs and/or
    (b) generated by the Twat-a-tron.

    Many thanks for the welcome back.

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