Blog Comment Week

Just to let you know, the WhyDontYou Blog will institute blog comment week from today. In a nutshell we will undertake to leave a comment (and a relevant one) to the blog posts and articles we read during this week – hopefully sharing ideas or providing a counter point to the opinions given by others with the aim of broadening discussion. Where it is not possible (or appropriate) for us to leave a comment on the blog we will consider making a post here as a response (part of me feels this is a better way of engendering discourse anyway). Please feel free to join in!

3 thoughts on “Blog Comment Week

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  2. Just an aside – I would like to remind people who have their own blogs that comments here do not have the nofollow attribute added to their URL.

    A while ago, after thinking long and hard about the point of the comments it was decided that the anti-spam measures here are good enough (not perfect by a long way) and that it seemed only fair to return a “thankyou” backlink to people who went to the trouble of commenting here.

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