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In the course of commenting on each post I read, I have come across a problem very early on. I don’t have, and don’t want, a blogger account which makes it impossible for me to comment on some blogs hosted by blogspot / blogger (see how many times you can engineer the word blog into a sentence…). To work around this, I am going to have to make my comments here instead.

On the plus side, this has the added advantage of giving the recipient blog a technorati backlink if they are interested in that sort of thing.

Anyway, the Biologists Helping Bookstores blog is hilarious. It is a shame I never came across it before. Basically, this person goes round bookstores and re-categorises the woo-books into more appropriate places, mainly moving non-science back into religion where it belongs.

My favourite post though is La Jolla Bookstar, 7/20/2007 one. Not only did it generate the comment which inspired the title for this post, but it includes the blog author moving Behe’s book to the New Age section:

Six copies of Behe’s new non-science book are relocated to their rightful place next to Everyday Magic, The Love Spell, and Grimoire for the Green Witch (what is “grimoire” anyway?).

Perfect! It is accompanied by photos as well… What more could you ask for? Although I have never done this myself, it seems lots of people have – well done to them all.

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3 thoughts on “Scientific Vigilante

  1. I don’t understand those people that set up their Blogger accounts to allow only comments from other Blogger accounts. Not only is it snobbish (well, not really) but it probably cuts out a sizable percentage of possible comments, and comments can be very satisfying. As you note in your comment thread, a lot of us live for comments. We need the feedback, or at least we would like to know that there are people actually reading what we wrote.

    But I also refuse to sign up for Google to leave a comment on a restricted Blogger account, though I guess it wouldn’t hurt me to do so. It’s the principle of the thing. It’s as if the Blogger is say “hey, don’t comment”, so I don’t.

  2. John P
    Yes, I agree completely on this one.
    And it does feel unpleasantly exclusive when you are on the recieving end.
    When I want to give a blogger a casual compliment or debate a point with them, I lose interest completely as soon as it looks as if the blogger doesn’t want any feedback.
    It’s hard to think of an occasion when I’d want to comment strongly enough to register a new account, with all the time and effort (and possibility of future spam) that entails.

  3. It’s the principle of the thing. It’s as if the Blogger is say “hey, don’t comment”, so I don’t.

    Couldn’t have said it better myself!

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