Women at the mercy of Honour

This link to a website, whose name says it all, Stop honour killings, was in a comment on one of the powerless rants here about honour killings.

The link is here because I realised that I had absentmindedly not even put it in the last post on this topic..

The site is a moving slidehow of innocent-looking young women who have been murdered for allegedly bringing “dishonour” to their families. You can read stories from around the world that report on honour killings and the struggles against them.

If you can stomach it, knowing the outcome, you can link from there to the phone video of Banaz Mahmood when she was in hospital, on Youtube.

Obviously, if your stomach is strong enough, you can find footage on the web of the death of Du’a Khali, the Iraqi Kurdish girl who was horrifically murdered by a mob. Watching that is well beyond me so I haven’t been able to look for a link, sorry.

As an update to the last post, the press reported that the policewoman who interviewed Banaz – when she had smashed a window to escape from the earlier attempt on her life – considered that she was making the story up and wanted to charge her with criminal damage for breaking the window. Words fail.