Just thought I would highlight an excellent post made on the View from the Edge blog, titled “feeling insignificant yet?

It begins with a quote from Douglas Adams so you know it is probably going to be good 🙂 , and follows up with this:

Carl Sagan used to say the universe contained “billions and billions of stars” and also that if we are the only intelligent life in the universe, then what a ‘tremendous waste of space.” The following pictures are one of the best visual depictions of that I have ever seen, and it shows pretty clearly just how insignificant this little blue orb actually is.

If you have ever wondered how big the Earth is in relation to other planets or stars – check it out. Even if you haven’t check it out anyway 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Insignificance

  1. I checked out the original link from yesterday’s post (the pictures were more detailed) and was in awe. It really puts thing in perspective doesn’t it, even though 100% of what (we think) matters to us still happens on our tiny planet.

    I’m not sure it makes me feel insignificant, because how does one measure significance in the universe? The earth is far more significant to me than any planet we have found to date, because it supports life.

    Barring a head on collision, size doesn’t matter all that much does it? I think what I’m saying is that I’d rather be a happy microscopic being than a miserable human (as long as I could still have internet access).

  2. Mdx – thanks for the comments. I agree with you on the significance/insignificance thing. Often people talk about how looking out to space makes them feel insignificant – for me it doesn’t. Of course it sill fills me with wonder and amazement, but there is no feeling of losing my self worth because the Universe is massive!

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