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Following a somewhat off the rails comment made on a previous post by someone calling themselves “Atheists Don’t Get It,” Nullifidian made an excellent response. As lots of people miss the comments here, and the original post was quite old, I felt it would be worthwhile repeating Null’s comment – especially as he has cited the original sufficiently for anyone to work out the nonsense Atheists Don’t Get It was spouting. You can read a related, equally good, post on Null’s blog where he talks about the crazy website which this lunatic is trying to promote.

Nullifidian’s comment reads as follows:

(TW/Heather – apologies for the long reply to an old post – I’m bored at work and want to slam dunk this imbecile into the ground.)

God-bothering windbag (AKA “Atheists don’t get it”) drawled:

Don’t ever ever buy into their claims that they are atheists.They are militant anti-theists and there is a huge difference. Although viewing themselves as “free thinkers”, they all have a Party Line they follow rather closely.

And what, pray, is that “party line”? Do you have a reference to confirm this? I’d like to see it.

But the militant atheists -the ones who have devoted their lives to refuting Christianity- are almost like the demons …who believe more firmly in God’s existence than do Christians !

Militant in what sense? Armed militancy as demonstrated by the more notorious followers of islam or those that choose to shoot/bomb medical establishments, or the more uncommon use of “militant” in the sense of just being vocal? Please use a dictionary.

It can unequivocally be stated that militant atheists are some of the people who most solidly believe in God !

If they believe in gods then they are, by definition, not atheists, so your point is simply gibberish. In fact, if they believe in your god, then they are actually theists – militant theists. Well, we all know what militant theism does, don’t we?

Ain’t talking ‘practical atheists’ here …those who don’t even think much about atheism.

Um, please, please, please use a dictionary. “Practical” implies doing something actively, not passively.

They’re the true atheists.

A true atheist is anyone who doesn’t believe in a god or gods, that’s the simple definition of an atheist. Your attempt to redefine the terms to suit your (very poor, I must say) argument lends you no credibility and weakens your argument.

Professional atheists who’ve dedicated themselves to eradicating the Lord do so because they hate Him.

Again, I refer you to you my point above regarding the definition of atheism. And I have no idea what these “professional atheists” you’re talking about are. Are they paid to not believe in gods? Sign me up! Free money!

They’re the God-haters.

How can they hate something they don’t believe in? They may hate religion and religious attitudes: we know they exist, unfortunately.

To which they’ll invariably reply: ‘How can we hate something we don’t believe in ?’.Exactly !

Um, You seem to be using your own argument against itself. Something tells me that you didn’t think this through properly…

It’s their belief in God which drives them to relentlessly attack Him.

Somehow I doubt this. I think it’s more likely that they dislike theists telling them what they can and can’t do, who they can love, what they should think, what their morality is supposed to be, whether they can buy things on a Sunday or not, and all the other things that the religious have no business poking their noses into.

Run of the mill, everyday ‘practical atheists’ don’tgive God a second thought.

As I mentioned above, practical atheists are the ones doing something.

They’re the ones I worry about.

You worry about the ones that don’t give your god a second thought? You must be very paranoid.

Whereas militant atheists are fighting against the innate knowledge of suppressed in their hearts.

For all practical intents and purposes, it’s been discovered that knowledge is usually stored and processed within the brain. I really can’t see where you get this idea from.

As a militant atheist I can unequivocally state that there is no time in your life that you totally disbelieved in God.

“Unequivocally” You use that word a lot. I don’t think it means what you think it means. (Thank you The Princess Bride).

For a start, you are in no position to tell us what we do or do not think. This is an arrogant presumption on your part, and you are most certainly incorrect in that presumption. I have never had a god belief. Are you trying to tell me that I do? If so, then I am going to call you a liar.

Just because you say it, doesn’t make it so.

And -in fact- were driven to work against the Lord by belief in Him !

No, it’s people like you who think it is their right and privilege to tell us what to say/do/think/believe that we “work against”. Let me tell you something: it’s not. We don’t care what you believe, as long as you keep it to yourself. You don’t have a clue.

Just because you say it, doesn’t make it so.

It isn’t that militant atheists don’t believe God exists.Instead: That they don’t want God to exist.

For all the reasons that I’ve previously mentioned: you’re wrong. You seem to repeat yourself a lot. Is this how you convince yourself that this bullshit is true, by indoctrinating yourself? I’ve never heard of anything so sad.

So when debating don’t ever buy into their *how can we believe in a sky pixie* claim because they most certainly do though they will never admit it.

From now on, when talking to theists like you about your sky pixies, I will insist that you don’t actually believe, you’re just pretending to believe. This seems like a good way to argue.

They have a fire and hatred in their hearts for God and that is what brings them into religious newsgroups on a regular basis.

Just because you say it, doesn’t make it so.

They want to destroy your faith like they have destroyed their own.

And what “faith” is that?

Just to let you into a little secret: if they actually do believe in your god, as you claim, then they’re not militant atheists, they’re militant theists. Therefore, they’re in your back yard, not ours. Oops!

Stop pulling stupidity out of your arse, and go and climb back under your rock, you imbecile.

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