I’m channelling God

The God channel, Euro version, is one of the delights that Virgin Media haven’t let fall off the list. It’s too easy a target but I’m not constrained by any rules of engagement here. The only other channel that managed to be simultaneously comic, mindnumbing and stomach-turning was the Fashion Channel and that seems to have gone.

Between the theologically incomprehensible Jewish Voice and the hypnotically tedious In Touch, presented by the pastor of some Atlanta Baptist Church, there is an awesome advert for an event for the Easter weekend, being held at Kingsway International Christian Centre (KICC.)

Massively oversized strongmen wearing tight Lycra patterned costumes. (I thought they were wearing US flags but that may be a false memory, caused by the traumatic effect of exposure to ten minutes of Jewish Voice.) Very garish stage and stage effects and loud music. You see them doing typical World’s Strongest Man feats – smashing through towers of breeze blocks with their bare hands and so on.

I am utterly baffled by the connection, here. Christian Centre & (unlikely to be 100% “natural”) Strong Men?

Except maybe it’s “These dudes could do some serious smiting. Beware godless hordes.”