People who live in glass houses

It’s 10 years since the first blog, according to the Guardian. In that time, as you all know, the blog has become a major force for mass communication. More and people are setting up blogs.

“We’re seeing about 120,000 new weblogs being created worldwide each day,” said Dave Sifry, the chief executive of the blog monitoring site Technorati. “That’s about 1.4 blogs created every second.”

Ironically, the article finishes by quoting some supposed expert who says that most blogs are boring vehicles for narcissistic individuals.

“The real issue is whether it adds any more to our culture. Most of it is just so transient and ephemeral …. Why do I want to know what some guy sitting on the west coast of America thinks about Iraq? Would you pay to listen to this person?”

This self-proclaimed dotcome millionaire is about to publish a book saying that blogging is killing off the internet. Have to paraphrase here:

“Why do I want to know what some guy who a guardian journalist happens to have the phone number of thinks about blogging? Would you pay to read this person’s book?”

1 thought on “People who live in glass houses

  1. I think the idea: (by the person writing not you!)

    most blogs are boring vehicles for narcissistic individuals

    Is a bit of a cop out. It gives no idea what “most” means, but I am fairly sure that you or I would find at least 50% of the supposed 77 million blogs “boring” (given that most seem to be scrapers anyway).

    Boring is a meaningless phrase as well. I tend to find blogs on handicrafts boring, but that does not mean everyone does!

    If I come across a boring blog, I stop reading it and move on, it seems this person is so narcissistic they cant manage that.

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