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Old Sarum 1 - 25 Nov 06 - ThumbnailA while ago I posted about how “uncommonly warm” the weather was for February. This got me thinking about the recent weather in general, and it seems fairly safe for me to say that despite the one or two days where it was cold enough to snow it has been very warm this winter.

As some more examples, this is a picture taken at Old Sarum on 25 Nov 06. Although you cant see how warm it is, trust me it was warm – and English Heritage sites such as this are not known for their nice climate…

Normally, when you visit an English Heritage site which dates back to the iron age it is like taking a holiday in a fridge. Only windier and colder.

Old Sarum Picture 2 - ThumbnailThis year, it has been very different. The weather has been nice all winter, the skys have been clear and while there has been a fair bit of rain, it has not been anything major. The sun, on the other hand, has been brilliant.

Now I am not going to make the same mistake as last time, so I wont joke about the “joy” of Global Warming, but having such a nice, warm winter has been…. fun…

3 thoughts on “More on the Weather

  1. It is truly amazing the way people refuse to consider the evidence of global warming. The planet has obviously gone through any number of changes so life of some sort should go on. This is a danger to us not the planet.

    It’s odd that so many powerful people can be so uninterested in the future of their own species, so that they choose to ignore any danger signs while there’s still some chance of addressing the issue.

  2. I am somewhat intrigued by the arguments against human driven global warming. Most of the sites fall into the categories of sites which are so crackpot they must be a joke.

    Often they simply disagree with whatever policy their governments have implemented (or threatened to implement), such as increased taxes, and as a result have come to the insane conclusion that global warming is not taking place.

    Obviously some people are adept at ignoring the evidence their own eyes present them.

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