Just say NO to google

I have spent a few days talking (on and offline) to quite a few people who have “fallen out” with Google. Most of these people have been at one end of the Google Advertising empire and end up getting stung.

People build websites, serve google ads and then when it comes to a payout Google back off (claiming things like “invalid clicks” or similar). Not a major problem normally but with google there are no ground for redress or process in which legitimate complaints can be investigated. This is wrong and certainly falls foul of the “do no evil” mantra. A similar thing (in reverse) has happened to a few people I know who advertise with google, they have been getting lots of machine generated clicks and although google has since suspended the accounts which appear to have sent the clicks (very hard one to tell at this end), the people have not had any money recredited to their adsense account, despite the claims made by google in their account termination message.

Because of the way google works there is no way to verify their business practices. Neither party has grounds for redress or verification.


There is something which can be done about it though. A few years ago when Yahoo, MSN et al., were obsessed with becoming portals and making money, Google snuck in the back door and was fantastic. Times have changed. Although I am a die hard, anti-MS, Linux fan, the search engine at MSN is now pretty good. Often returning better quality hits than google. Same with Yahoo. Same with Ask. For the last two weeks almost all my searches have been done on MSN and Google. Google is not better. Often MSN is actually better and it is never worse.
The solution to Google is simple. Use a different search engine.


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3 thoughts on “Just say NO to google

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  2. Good point. Google Earth is great, as is the Google 3d tool. Otherwise, Google is increasingly rubbish.
    Google is falsely seen as the conceptual “little guy” up against the mighty Internet players. The days when Google was a benign academic project have long gone. Google searches can be very poor. Their algorithms reward the high ranked companies with high rankings. Lots of searches can baffle you completely as to why half the pages turned up, when you see pages with no mention of your search words. Their adsense policies are nonsensical. We got bounce dfor having botclicks. The only bots that have been on our sites are search engine spiders, which hammer the sites constantly, Google being the major player.

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