Typepad Vs WordPress

Right, generally speaking, I much prefer Word Press as a blogging tool over Blogger and Typepad – however it seems a typepad account is on the cards.


It is the only one which works with the Lifeblog software on my Nokia phone. Bah. The Lifeblog software was itself a comedy of errors as despite Nokia saying “it comes installed (N73 phone)” the one I was supplied with by 3 didn’t have it. Would Nokia provide it as a download? No. I had to (after much web searching) get the version supplied for the N80 and then install it. Typical wonder of todays modern world.

Anyway, as I was saying, the Lifeblog software will only “talk” to Typepad. There is an interesting thing on the Nokia site:

Interested in Partnering with Lifeblog?
Lifeblog has an open posting protocol so anyone can make their blog service compatible with our software. To find out more, download our blogging specification document:

However, call me old fashioned but isn’t it the job of the “new software” to be able to talk to the old ones not the other way round. I can post to Wordpad from Flickr, Deepest Sender, Performancing even MS packages. What is so special about Nokia? Bah.

Well at least it being an open protocol means I can either see what chances I have of writing a connector between wordpress and Lifeblog or finding out some one else has already done it.

If not – you will soon see a typepad blog supporting this 🙂

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