New Code Required

It strikes me more and more that is not really “cutting the mustard” with regards to how it aggregates blog posts and how it tries to represent the blogosphere. This is not a bad thing as such – it is more a case that Technorati seem to have bitten off a lot more than they can chew and it certainly is (as previously mentioned) time for a new site to take over.

Once upon a time Yahoo was the dominant search engine on the Internet, then after a while it bogged itself down and people migrated to the sleek newcomer of Google. Can Google do the same with blogs? Personally I hope not, but then I feel that Google is starting to fall behind in the search engine stakes (poor quality search results for example), so they may be better off concentrating on that more than anything else.

As an example of Technorati’s oddness, while I was trying to see if it was ever going to realise new posts had been made here, I was refreshing the page about this blog and I noticed the “posts per day” in the corner. The really odd thing was, each refresh made it alternate between two graphs that bore almost no relation to reality (as well as the most recent posts changing to be either days or hours old). Below you can see the first and second vesions. Do they look the same? (I am aware the scales are different).

Version 1 of the Posts Per DayVersion 2 of the Posts Per Day

For example, how many posts were made on 14 Jan? (hint 2) How many were made on 17 Jan (hint – not 19 yet!)

Will some one PLEASE come up with a site which does it better than Technorati.

3 thoughts on “New Code Required

  1. Oddly (well not that odd), over 7 hours later they are still not showing up on Technorati. Will they ever? Why are more recent posts showing up in the tag searches?
    Has this site been blacklisted?

  2. This particular post took four hours to appear on Technorati. As you can imagine, the chances of it remaining on the first page for anything but the least popular tags is almost non-existent. The post immediately before this one and the post after are still not showing up at this time.

    It strikes me that Technorati is good and (when it works) can provide some great insights into the blogosphere but it’s almost arbitrary nature means every time you search you have no idea what you are missing.

    Are blogs are great “equaliser” allowing people to be heard all over the world?

    Not at the moment.

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