Market logic

One and a half litres of a fairly big-name brand apple juice costs me £1.20 in my local shop. A litre of another big-name brand of orange juice costs 99p.

These juices are made from concentrated fruit juice. Diluted with water.

In the same shops, a litre of water costs 99p.

So water costs more than apple juice. Uh?

To make apple juice, loads of apples need to be grown, harvested, transported, pulped, filtered and dried. Then mixed with water………

In fact, in my gym and my workplace it costs me £1 for a third of a litre of water but this water comes out of machine. Oddly, it costs less to have a minimum-wage human being serve you a product than it costs when the seller is a machine.

No wonder I can’t understand this sub-prime fallout, collapse of building societies and all that. I can’t even understand how things diluted with water are cheaper than the water that dilutes them…..