And the winner is…

Debbie Sclussel’s piece entitled “Who is the “Asian” Mass Murderer at Virginia Tech? UPDATE: Shooter is S. KOREAN w/Student Visa” may possibly be the most unbelievably crass thing I’ve ever read on the Internet.

As she seems to have been a finalist in the Weblog awards 2005 (and hence not a winner – wahay – note to atheist blogroll – so there is a god….) I am hereby awarding Debbie Schlussel the Why Don’t You “Joseph Goebbels Award for Sensitivity.”

I see that some comments on her vitriolic blogpiece have also put in strong bids for the Crassest Thing on the Internet title, but you are wasting your time, “Republican Patriot” and others of your ilk. My mind is made up.

The fact that she didn’t even have the grace to admit any error whatsover, let alone apologise for stirring up completely unwarranted bigotry against foreign students, people from Pakistan, Muslims in general means the award remains hers for the foreseeable future. I bet the relatives and students who had a narrow escape really appreciate her efforts to stir up hatred off the back of their tragedy.

I wonder if the terrorists who she imagines to have watched this and thought “Gosh, wouldn’t it be easy to shoot up a campus” were unable to come to this conclusion after Columbine and all the other North American campus massacres because the shooters weren’t Asian.

Too Stupid For Words

Well, I was going to leave the Virginia Tech tragedy and not mention it again, but the sheer idiocy demonstrated by good old Debbie Schlussel can not be missed out! This blog has mentioned Ms Schlussel in the past, so I am sure you can imagine what wonderful comments she is coming out with now.

On that delightful part of the blogosphere which is her blog, Ms Schlussel was very quick off the mark with “updates” about the Virginia Tech shooting. Obviously being quick was more important than having anything but the most approximate relationship with reality. She has a post titled “Who is the ‘Asian’ Mass Murderer at Virginia Tech? UPDATE: Shooter is S. KOREAN w/Student Visa” and within it, is a seething pool of woo, nonsense and racial hatred. It is almost comical.

The sheer volume of bile and nonsense on this blog post is surprising, and makes it reasonably difficult for me to pick what bits I will repost here. Please, check out her blog (especially the comments) and see for yourself the reality. Some highlights, in time order are:

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