Blogging Insane?

Wow. It is not often I stumble across a website of the truly insane. It is even less often that the insane person is a “media personality” who gets invited onto CNN and the like. (Well maybe it is often and I haven’t noticed… Do Americans like seeing the mentally impaired making fools of themselves on TV?) In this, I am not talking about the comedy nutters who make everyone laugh. This is someone who seems to me to be actually mad. I may be wrong – read on and decide for yourself

I mentioned the CNN programme a few days ago (Insanely Devout) in which a panel of idiots were asked about in the US. During the programme each of the panellists embarrassed themselves showing not only a lack of intelligence but a total lack of understanding about what atheism actually is. It seems that at least one of them felt that she hadn’t done enough to prove her mental state and needed to continue to blog about it.

Following a post on Pharyngula about , and a following picking up on the story, it appears Debbie Schlussel was subjected to a quantity of email from Atheists. I don’t know what these emails said, but Ms Schlussel claims it was offensive hate mail, so we will take her on face value. She did say things like:

I think that the real discrimination is atheists against Americans who are religious. Listen, we are a Christian nation. I’m not a Christian. I’m Jewish, but I recognize we’re a Christian country and freedom of religion doesn’t mean freedom from religion. And the problem is that, you have these atheists selectively I believe attacking Christianity. …I really believe that they are the ones who are the intolerant ones against Christians.


Look where there are more atheists and where they’ve lost God, where the church is not that strong. Europe is becoming Islamist. It’s fast falling and intolerance is increasing. That’s the one reason our country has not become like Europe because we have strong Christians and because atheists are not strong. And I think that’s a good thing.

Now we are not condoning hate mail at all, but this gives an idea where she is coming from.

Anyway, following the deluge of email, she felt the need to make a blog titled: “When Atheists a/k/a Future Muslims Attack.” Seriously. She appears to honestly think that all Atheists are going to convert to Islam. What planet is she on? part of me actually thinks she is just doing this for the attention and notoriety she will get from such madness (which is why I have avoided her name in the title and put “nofollow” on the link).

This blog post has some amazing lines of nonsense, so much so I am convinced she is either insane or making all this up. Some examples: (emphasis mine)

But it is entertaining and amusing. It’s hard to believe their letters because they were all attacking me for my appearance on CNN’s “Paula Zahn Now,” a week ago, but coincidentally each letter claims the sender just watched me on CNN. First of all, the video of that segment appears nowhere on the net. Believe me, if it did, I’d link to it. Secondly, since I appeared on the show a week ago, that all these “seminar” e-mailers are now all e-mailing me the same basic hate message, populated with a diversity of obscene insults, it’s easier to believe that they were easily brainwashed into sending me the missives as a result of an atheist blog that just put up an attack on me, yesterday.

This is about the Pharyngula blog post. She is obviously incapable of using the internet as a quick Google search finds it on YouTube. So, taking her at her word we should no longer believe her. Seems reasonable enough to me, as the rest of her post is just as much gibberish.

The second sentence she uses highlights how she is actually incapable of stringing a real sentence together. So many words, so little sense, you almost feel sorry for her. If she honestly believes Atheists are all easily brainwashed into believing anything, why aren’t they Christians? Is this more of her projectionism showing through? Was she easily brainwashed into believing the Christian doctrine, so she thinks everyone else is equally incapable of rational thought? Probably.

I don’t mind receiving the atheist hate mail, since I know that in a few years, many of these same people will either be Muslim extremists (redundant) or helping the country fall further in its fight against the creep of Islamic imposition on America . . . or both.

I really have no idea where she gets this from. First off, she obviously thinks all Muslims are extremists (projecting again?). I would love to know why she thinks (is think the right word?) all Atheists are going to become Muslims, but this next bit might give an insight:

Look at famous atheists and what happened to them. Adam Gadahn a/k/a Azzam Al-Amriki –now a top Al-Qaeda video “personality”–was raised by his hippie Jewish father and equally bizarre gentile mother as an atheist. And look how he turned out. Ditto for hippie-spawn John Walker Lindh.

See, it is easy if you have a different definition of the word “famous” than sane people, and more importantly you have a very different understanding of the word “atheist” than every one else. From this point, she turns her post into a rant against Islam (with a bit of Atheism thrown in):

Those two people are enemies of America, and many of those who think like them are of equally weak mind. If you don’t believe in anything, you’ll easily fall for virtual nothings. That’s why Europe is so quickly turning Islamist–because atheism dominates and Christianity is rapidly dying there. Over there, the number one cause for which atheists are suddenly finding “god” is Islam.

Over here, as I pointed out on CNN, atheists are on the attack against religion and G-d only when Christians and Jews are involved, not when Muslims and Islam are. A Christian prayer at a public school graduation or football game? Send in the ACLU lawyers. A Muslim prayer at a high school football game in Dearbornistan? Suddenly, when the “Religion of Peace” is involved, atheists boast extreme tolerance and display ultimate deference. No lawsuits. Ever. And the Muslim prayers continue.

So to you hate-filled atheists a/k/a future Muslim extremists (redundant), your e-mails have no effect on me. Ditto for your creative obscenities which don’t impress upon me the civility of the atheo-fascisti set.

Personally this is enough evidence she is insane. You may think differently. If there is any lingering doubt, how about this from another one of her posts:

[about arming pilots]Well, now the U.S. is asking foreign countries to allow pilots to carry guns in the cockpit when they fly overseas. Now, we’re makin’ progress.

Unfortunately, the wimpish, effeminate, and quickly-becoming-Islamic Sweden is resisting. Figures. Screw ’em.

One of the commenters, disagrees with her and writes:

The government wants our pilots to carry guns into EVERY country, not just countries that hate us. This is for good reason, because countries like Sweden do not have the precautions against terrorist like we do.

See, we will not let them carry guns on in-country flights because we are secure in our security precautions (and the fact that we have air marshals on most of our in-country flights but not on our international flights).

Now, I am not going to go into how “wrong” this person is (with the implication that the US is more secure in its airport controls than other countries), because there is a funnier side to this sub thread. This comment poster takes task with Debbie “Insane” Schussel accusing Sweden of becoming Islamic (as less than 0.5% of the population are Muslims) and this is the response:


Am I alone in thinking she is mad?

8 thoughts on “Blogging Insane?

  1. It is scary. As recently as a few months ago I would never have believed people like this existed anywhere in the western world – I would have been hard pressed to believe that people like this existed in the most remote, technologically backward, theocratic hunter gatherer society.

    Still, care in the community must be doing wonderful things.

  2. I’ve refused to post anything on this for two reasons: 1) it’s being done to death, and far more eloquently that I could have; and 2) I’m not from the USA, and I have no idea who these people are, nor a great grasp (although I have some idea) of the problems and bigotry faced by non-believers over there. It doesn’t stop me having an opinion, though… 😉

    Schlussel is a complete twat: I find it almost inconceivable that she has any journalistic experience whatsoever, considering her inability to do basic research, provide sources or form a cogent, or even a coherent, argument. Besides being Coulter Mk II (which is unoriginal at best), she’s a small minded imbecile who probably thinks Logic And Reason is a satanic death metal band.

    That other woman is just an ignorant bigot, simple as that.

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