If you haven’t been enraptured

I guess there’s only you heathens (and Catholics, Protestants etc., basically anyone not a born again whacko) out there now because the godly will have all disappeared bodily to heaven, as today is the day of the RAPTURE!

Well the stunningly ugly site at home.flash.net said it would be today and couldn’t possibly be wrong because it’s got loads of capitals and everything. [Hat tip PZ Myers as always]

But weirdly, now it is today, they seem to have changed the date to a less precise “Fall 2009.” So there could easily be another couple of months left in which we have to share the planet with the as-yet-unraptured fundies.

Dont you just love it when they put the mental back in fundamentalist….

(side note: Will be home soon and will try to return to longer posts)

5 thoughts on “If you haven’t been enraptured

  1. LMAO! The Rapture was initially scheduled for late September. Then it was postponed for about a month. Now it’s been postponed again. Will these idiots ever give up?

  2. Stepping past Rapture and fundamentalist prattling, I want to make philosophers and thinkers aware that there is a new view just out. Our friend from 2,000 years ago said some things that make absolutely no sense in a ‘only this material world exists’ context. But when examined in the context of contiguous geometrical worlds, they make remarkable mechanistic good logical sense. There are a sufficient number of these ideas that transform to sense when considered in contiguous higher worlds that his whole concept becomes logically supportable.
    Thinking people are often shielded from information other than the carping of non-believers.
    Back in 1883 Edwin Abbott wrote ‘Flatland’. He uses it to give an understanding of contiguous geometric worlds, each existing at a higher level of dimensions. Today ‘Techie Worlds’ is available. Written for people with a mechanistic understanding of our world, it looks at ridiculous Christian teachings, such as Trinity, soul, resurrection and judgment. In so doing, ‘Techie Worlds’ follows science’s lead in examining phenomena in the light of theory. Contiguous dimensional worlds provide a logical, mechanical explanation for those phenomena.
    So an intelligent, intellectually honest and open-minded person has excellent reason to hold religious views. In the light of Pascal’s wager, people would be foolish to deny the Christian teaching of love or to hold Moslem or pagan beliefs.
    ‘Techie Worlds, Visible & Invisible’ is available from amazon.com. It completely reformats all discussions about God and where He is.

  3. Chaplain

    I suspect not. It’s great to watch them keep moving the goalposts, though.


    Was Flatland written in 1883? Wow. That shocked me for a start.

    Not sure I follow the connection between the theoretical possibility of multiple dimensions (or 12 branes or whatever) and deciding to accept Christianity.

    The previous but one post was about Pascal’s Wager. Hope it helps.

  4. “In the light of Pascal’s wager, people would be foolish to deny the Christian teaching of love or to hold Moslem or pagan beliefs.”

    what utter balderdash. do you even come close to believing what you are writing here? if so, you obviously dont have an opposable thumb so how are you typing?

  5. Following Pascal’s Wager Christianity would be an extraordinarily bad religion to believe. Given the claimed attributes of the Christian god, belief contingent on a poor gambling metaphor is insufficient. You’ll be signing up for hellfire if you win. Therefore – if you take the wager seriously – you’d need to pick a god who would be impressed by gambling. I’d pick Dionyisos/Bacchus. The earthly rituals are fun and the afterlife is promising too. Don’t forget to purchase your senatorial deification guarantee.


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