Panic pandemics

A minor explosion of middle-class parenting angst (I reckon it’s their hormones) has followed the Myerson saga. For instance, families are now being torn apart by the skunk epidemic, according to the Observer. Yes, that was the Observer, not the Daily Mail. I checked. (Disease metaphors for society. Don’t you just love them?)

“It is the end of a taboo: articulate, middle-class parents are speaking out about the nightmare of seeing their children spiral into drug abuse and, all too often, mental illness. Many blame themselves for staying silent, assuming that modern strains of cannabis were little different from the pot that baby boomers smoked at college. The reality is very different” (from the Observer)

I’m going to skip past the embedded semiotics, because it’s boring and pretty blatant. (e.g. “at college” – the politician’s way of trying to imply a merging of excusable youthful folly and underlying respectability; “articulate middle class” as if no one else’s experience counts, and so on.) Basically, some “baby boomers” have grown old, changed their views and some have privileged access to the media. In the way of the world, they have become their parents, but – hopelessly self-indulgent – they don’t want to acknowledge this or accept that they themselves might have ever made mistakes. it was only purely innocent substances they didn’t inhale. So, it’s just the next generation who must be wrong.

A commenter (called ILoveMaxGogarty ) on Anne Perkins’ Guardian article made a sarcastic reference to the “skunk pandemic.” Great phrase.

But that particular moral panic is just one in the pandemic of pandemics that we are apparently facing. Alcohol and obesity are perennial favourites. Barely a day goes by without some hand-wringing and new initiative to deal with these. Both can apparently be addressed by taxing the poor more.

For example, there are plans for a minimum alcohol price and doctors calling for a chocolate tax.

Clearly, if you’re well off enough to pay more for alcohol and sweets, they don’t harm you. But , if you aren’t well off, they are really quite dangerous. I think we should follow this idea to its logical conclusion then. No tax on vintage champagnes or hand-made Swiss chocolates. £1000% taxes on cider and own-brand chocolate-flavour biscuits.

Ignore the complex combination of biological, psychological and social factors that shape our behaviour. Every social ill can be solved by blaming the victims, spending money on advertising and taxing the poor more.

Modern “epidemics” are so strange. These are the only epidemics where you can happily blame the victims, even express contempt for them without anyone thinking that you are morally reprehensible. It seems that we actually eat fewer calories than people did 50 years ago (according to the Office of National Statistics.)

But we can still view “obese” people as ravening gluttons, who deserve to die because of their sinfulness. And see ourselves as “good” because we didn’t take a slice of cake.

If only these medical ideas had been around in the middle ages. If only the rich had just taxed the peasants more heavily, the Black Death could have been eliminated. Ah, I understand now that the feudal landlords have been greatly misunderstood. They were really taxing the peasants on health grounds, to avoid the dangers of millet-related obesity or mead-binges. Throwing recalcitrant peasants off their land probably even qualifies as tough love, even.

22 thoughts on “Panic pandemics

  1. This whole thing takes insane to a new level.

    It is a massive authority fallacy to assume that doctors have a special insight into how to combat what is basically a social problem. Taxation does not work. It allows the rich / middle classes to continue leading an unhealthy lifestyle unhindered and it compounds the unhealthy lifestyle of the poor.

    Poor people will not reduce their alcohol intake because of this, they will (like everyone) simply shoulder the increased costs and cut back elsewhere – for example, eating more cheap chips rather than expensive food. If the taxation model worked, smoking would have been stamped out by now – in reality smoking demonstrates that people will find the money for their habit from somewhere…

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  5. I would like, if I may, to end the bullshit about marijuana and all other drugs once and for all. I am sick and tired of one drug addict calling another drug addict a drug addict, based simply on the basis that the other persons drug of choice is not their own favorite drug of choice. This all comes up because of what is now being refferred to all around the world as: “The Meyerson Saga.” I personally have no idea who this person Meyerson is, and I don’t give a damn. Nor have I bothered to read anything he or she has written, I don’t have to. I am. I am sick and tired of the outright hypocrisy of everyone on earth, myself included when it comes to drug issues.

    You, I and virtually everyone on planet earth is addicted to one drug or the other. For some the drug is ethyl alcohol, for some it is heroin, for others it is marijuana, yet the biggest hypocrites of all, and we are all guilty to some extent of this one are the caffeine addicts. Caffeine addiction is probably older than any other addiction and obviously much more widespread than any other addiction on the planet. Moreso than even the penchant for Nicotene, the active addictive in cigarettes. As a former cigarette smoker once, I know that kicking any habit is excruciatingly painful and can only be done one way. Cold Turkey. I know that some will argue with me. Don’t. You will be wasting your time. Cold Turkey is the only way to quit. Now hear this, no matter what treatment they give you, at whatever cost, the day you quit will be cold turkey day.

    As for caffiene addicts, they are the worst addicts of all. in part because they are totally unaware of their addiction. In fact, they often meet to discuss what to do about other peoples addictions, “over a cup of coffee.” And yet they can’t seem to get enough dirt on everybody else’s addictions. And worse yet they insist that it is they who are normal and that everyone else has a problem.

    They are the first to kick their kids out of the house because the kid’s steal from them and their siblings just in order to be able to afford a small “bag” of weed. Yet it is these same self-righteous drug addicts who make sure that everyone else’s drug is made illegal and has to be bought on the “black market” at outrageous prices. This is the reality of the situation, and I want you all to listen up and listen up good. If marijuana users were in charge and did to you tea drinkers what you have done to them. Each and every tea bag would cost you at least five dollars, and as we all know, they don’t sell “nickel bags” anymore.

    But I must give credit to you caffeine addicts where credit is due. You got balls. Some of us marijuana addicts would welcome the opportunity to have marijuana legalized and taxed at up to ten or twenty dollars per ounce, just so that we could have our weed, and smoke it too. Well, actually we have our weed and smoke we do, only we’d like to be able to do it for less than we now have to. You caffeine addicts on the other hand would never stand for a “tea tax” as witnessed by the fact that, The United States of America is not still a part of England.

    And as for the argument that marijuana makes a person lazy. Blow that out your ass. “Years ago, I gave up my lovely job as a Guardian political correspondent because I had two small children and a husband who appeared incapable of scaling back his 14-hour day. I felt very strongly one parent had to be at home most tea times, so I quit. ”

    I pick up from the surrounding context of the two articles that I have read that this Meyerson person has a son who is involved in some way with smoking weed and that he may have made some bad choices. From the context he may even have developed what you have come to call “mental illness,” but I take it that he was made to suffer for his devotion to his drug of choice and I am betting that this Meyerson person can’t even sit down to write a single letter of a column without “my morning cup of coffee or tea.” Pick your poison.

    But to critisize anyone of anything whatsoever, you who wrote this article really should get your own house in order first. Or else put down your pen and pick up a good book on self esteem. And what’s more I’d suggest that you read it. For the height of hypocrisy for any writer who would dare enter an opinion on drugs or for that matter anything has to be found in this statement: “In truth, it always felt like exploitation. As my anger slowly faded, and the resentment was replaced by plans that accommodated tea with the kids, I became more and more uncomfortable. I might be mad at my husband, but making fun of him in the name of some spurious journalistic integrity, I grasped, wasn’t going to help.” Hang it up. I am not really familiar with the quality of this news paper whether it is one of the tabloids that are so famous for their piss poor jouralistic standards or whether it is a reputable paper. But I know that I would not hire you.

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  9. Hi Greg, if you’re interested in learning more about Christianity you might like a collection of books called “The New Testament”. You can find it in most book shops or get it for free online. In your case I’d recommend highlighting Matthew 5:22.

    Your offer to attend to my buttocks is appreciated but I think I’d need to be wooed first. Perhaps a candle-lit meal in a restaurant would be a better idea. 😉

  10. I am not familiar with Matthew 5:22 off hand. But I will be soon… Trust that, but. I am very familiar with Matthew 5:14-18. And you know it. Or, should I say… You will know it probably not as well as I do. but go ahead, Alun. Tell me ASS about ASS. Your ASS is mine. Boy, I’m loving it. Mc Donald’s. Product link. I am. I am a THE. Web MASTER. BeeeeeeeYO. cha cha cha. Dance Niggers. Dance your motther fucking ASSES Off. The Light of the World has spoken. CUNT. Donna Cornett is a CUNT. Love ya, Donna. And that goes for ALL the members and staff of Fountain House. In perpetuity. Read the fine print at the bottom of this page. “neither, does a man light a candle and hide it under a bushel, but on a candle stand and it giveth light unto all that are in the House.” My House. Has many Mansions. “Let your light so shine, that they may see your Good Works, and glorify your father in heaven. Think not that I have come to detroy the law or the prophets, I have not come to destroy, but fulfil.” (Matthew 5:14-17).

    But as you have taken it upon yourself to school me on The New Testament. Let’s start at the very beginning. Of the new testament. Now if you were to go to the very beginning of the new testament where would turn, or better yet, who would you turn to. What disciple? I unlike you know the order of the apostles. No, I did not say the order of the books of the Bible. So if, you think that the order of the apostles is Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. You are wrong. Dead Wrong. Test me??? Do you detect sarcasm. No. You don’t. “In the begginning…” The first shall be last and the last shall be first. THE ORDER OF THE APOSTLES.

    Word? Word. Bitch. I don’t do candles. CANDLES KILL. Light up the world. dot. com. Has been working to see to it that this problem ceases as soon as you GET RIGHT WIth Meeeeeeeeeeee. The fact of the matter is this. We have defined our targets for each stream of our organization. We believe that a truly integrated organization should have a shared mission, a bold vision and defined goals to meet the expectations of our ultimate customer, the 2 billion people worldwide without access to electricity.

    By developing a dual organizational structure, LUTW will be able to enhance worldwide acceptance of lighting and renewable energy through the professional facilitation of projects and partnerships, while continuing to expand efforts to launch and fund projects for people who cannot afford the technology.

  11. Modern “epidemics” are so strange. These are the only epidemics where you can happily blame the victims, even express contempt for them without anyone thinking that you are morally reprehensible. It seems that we actually eat fewer calories than people did 50 years ago (according to the Office of National Statistics.)

  12. In pursuit of its charitable ideals, LUTW has adopted a dual structure;

    The Light Up The World Foundation serves as a charitable organization dedicated to helping the world’s poor access appropriate and affordable energy and lighting technologies.
    LUTW Inc. is a not for profit business entity dedicated to establishing new markets, develop and market products and consultant services in the growth of renewable energy and SSL lighting world-wide.

    LUTW’s bold vision to serve the approximately 2 billion people worldwide without access to adequate lighting is an ongoing objective that requires innovative funding mechanisms beyond donor dollars. The LUTW Foundation is committed to spread these innovative technologies in a socially responsible manner throughout the developing world using the force and reach of the unique marketplace within the base of the economic pyramid. Merchant and micro-credit initiatives make it possible for the poor to obtain products at the same cost of there present monthly lighting fuel bills.

    LUTW projects have brought tangible social, environmental and economic gains to communities by enhancing their health and safety, fostering local education, helping to develop an economic infrastructure, and protecting the physical environment by reducing the amount of carbon based fuels used for lighting. Over 100,000 people have been impacted directly by this new and innovative approach to development.

  13. “Everybody wants to rule the world.” That was the title of a song by Tears for Fears in the late 1980’s. Until now many have tried all only to fail. As St. Gregory U. Art God I am destined to be the first man to do so. Not through the use of physical violence as has been tried by all others before me but, through the use of the natural processes of the universe. I call the process Strategic Human Interdependence Technology. It uses the principals of modern day physics in order to produce sustainable production of energy through the process of fusion. This process in intended not only to bring a substantial and sustainable amount of energy into the world it is also designed to give me the ability to rule the world through the power of the Masses.
    By now we have all heard of the equation E = MC squared. It stands for the concept that energy is equal to the mass of an object times the speed of light to the second power or something like that. The important part of this equation is that one can get energy from mass or matter. This is the principle upon which the atomic bomb was built. The first bomb was made to use fission which split atoms apart and released huge amounts of energy. Later bombs used fusion which smashes atoms together for an even bigger bang. Strategic Human Interdependence Technology brings people together in order to release huge amounts of energy by using simple technology, something which scientists have tried to accomplish using high tech devises, at a cost of billions, only to fail.
    There is an oft quoted phrase that goes; “Honey attracts more flies than vinegar.” What attracts more flies than honey? You guessed it, shit. As you can infer from the above this is a piece about shit. That does not mean the same thing as saying that it is a piece of shit as we understand that term in today’s world. Hopefully it will bring new meaning and value to that most misunderstood part of God’s creation; shit. Yes, even God shits. Jesus shat, kings and queens shit, presidents and the Pope shit, priests and preachers shit and so does each and every normal human and animal on the planet. For the most part it is seen as waste and everybody else’s stinks. In humans it is the Lowest Common Denominator. We let it pollute our waters and infect populations with disease when mishandled. Yet, there is much value to be found in this lowly substance if you know where to look and what to look for.
    The basic value to be found in human and animal feces is that it can produce methane when put through an anaerobic (meaning without air) digester. Methane is a gas which can be burned like any other natural gas to produce energy. It is clean, efficient, and when produced from feces not only environmentally benign it actually helps clean up the environment. Burning methane in gas turbine engines is one of the most efficient ways to power things such as cars and buses as well as electrical generators. The following is a basic plan on how to build up the economy of virtually any area now in abject poverty.

    My Plan to Save the Poor

    This plan begins with the people, for any action to be taken will require the cooperation of everyone in a given area. The first pieces of the puzzle that need to be put into place are the collection of the feces from individuals and then getting it to the methane gas production center. Buckminster Fuller has invented a waterless Packaging Toilet that is key to the proper development of this plan. “The toilet automatically and swiftly seals the excrement in plastic bags.” writes J. Baldwin in Bucky Works. “A collection service picks up the bags for use as compost, feedstock for chemical processes, or as a source of fuel in the form of methane gas.” According to Baldwin the idea never took off because infrastructure and marketing are an integral part of the plan which Fuller was not interested in.
    I believe that the main problem was not one of design for it is a quite simple plan but rather one of need. People here in the United States and much of Europe have no need at this point to change their sewage systems. The same is not true for much of the rest of the world. That is where this system should be put into place first. Start with the absolute poorest people in the world. Give them toilets and pay them to use them. As I understand it many of these people earn less than $100.00 per year. Even a dime a day would help. Pay by the pound and by a gas quality rating done by some as yet to be invented devise. A device which I imagine even I could design if given enough information.
    Since at the present time many of these people would not even have a place to put toilets were someone to give toilets to them, the plan would be to set up public bathrooms using the Packaging Toilet at convenient locations to the poor in the largest cities in the world. My guess is that certainly shit is much more valuable than recycling paper which is a huge industry. This plan could be set up either by national governments, local governments, or private industry. The money is made when the gas is either sold or used instead of other fuel of higher cost. This is particularly true in much of the third world where extremely high imported fuel costs are crippling whole economies. Also in these economies the difference between what would be considered exceptional payment for a piece of shit as well as the labor costs of getting it to the gas production area and the revenue generated from it would be much greater than in a developed economy.
    Setting up these public bathrooms would have residual effects. Much of the current waste that goes untreated in these areas would be used to produce methane. A cleaner environment would mean better health and longer lives for the inhabitants of the area. Also it would become public policy to encourage better eating habits which would be helped along by the fact that people would now have more money with which to buy food which is also cheap in these areas. They could buy more food and higher quality food both of which would be good for business.
    Each bathroom would have at least one attendant on duty at all times. They would keep the place clean in order to encourage use, and also make payment for the deposited excrement. Naturally, whatever precautions necessary to insure the safety of the attendant in the handling of the money would be made. Perhaps credits could be made to cards or whatever other feasible and appropriate method of payment could be provided. Perhaps it could be arranged to have the crap go directly to an evaluating area for decisions about weight and gas production quality. Also located in each bathroom would be a collection area for excrement from the outside including animal dung which could be brought in to the extent that it is compatible with human feces during the gas production process.
    The fact that the Packaging Toilet is neat, clean, sanitary and odor-free would also open the door for private use of the toilets. In the case of private use it would be more a matter of doing something for one’s country than an economic motive that would drive the use of the toilets, although if one were to bring their feces to the collection center they would also be paid the going rate. In the case of private use, the brown gold would be saved until a trip to the collection center became economically feasible. Or it could be the case that the difference between price paid and commercial value would make it worthwhile to set up the collection service proposed by Buckminster Fuller. Again, the figures between price paid and commercial value are subject to manipulation, hopefully to the benefit of all concerned.
    In rural areas much of the methane could be used to provide electricity for the benefit of the immediate area where the gas is produced. In areas where there is already some electrical power the gas could be used both to supply additional power and for use as cooking gas in stoves. One of the beauties of methane is that it can be distributed relatively safely in gas canisters of varying size for wide spread use in a given area. One novel approach to getting this whole system set up would be to have a large city invest in the infrastructure of public toilets and production facilities in addition to buses that run on methane gas. They could use the gas to power the buses and credit people who donate the fuel with free rides. This could also be done by a private bus company.
    As of this writing I am not sure of the energy values that will be associated with this plan although that I am certain that even I will be amazed once all is said and done. I offer this plan freely to the world in the hope that you will remember me, St. Gregory U. Art God, the Prince formerly known as Gregory Stuart Gordon, in your prayers.

  14. I agree – there is nothing wrong with healthy debate, but when the word count matches war and peace its gone too far. Comments longer than a few paragraphs will not be passed out of the moderation queue.

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