An Olympic Sized Lesson

Some sad news today, with a bit of a reflection on the current fear-based legislative ideas that grips the west.

From the BBC:

Sixteen Chinese policemen have been killed in an attack on a border post near Kashgar city in the western region of Xinjiang, state media say.
Two men drove a lorry into a group of jogging policemen before attacking them with explosives and knives, according to the Xinhua news agency.

Without a shadow of a doubt, this is sad news and my condolences to the families of all those involved (on the massive off-chance Chinese people can even read this blog).

It shows that the evil of terrorism is truly a global problem. Oddly, China is on record as having an astoundingly appaling human-rights record. It has laws that would make almost anyone in the “free” west blink twice. It has oppressive laws controling how its citizens can (and can’t) behave, forced ID controls and monitors the activities (on and off-line) of its population.

In short, China has the anti-terrorist powers that most western governments would die for.

Did it prevent this attack? Obviously not. Is there any reason to think that people in China are safer from [terrorists|murders|paedophiles|insert bugbear of choice] than any western nation? Well, no.

If anything, history shows that the more oppressed a population becomes, the greater the “revolutionary” response — oddly the US is both an example of this and the figure-head of the New World Order. Terrorists (revolutionaries) find fertile breeding ground where one segment of society feels it is being treated unjustly and no amount of monitoring, surveillance, torture (etc) will prevent this. The current War on Terror is especially ironic as the “terrorists” hate the west because of our freedoms. In our goal to prevent them turning us into oppressive nations we are becoming an oppressive nation.

Well done us.

Is there a solution? If there is, I don’t have it. In the UK terrorism is outlawed by criminal law. Terrorism is a crime. Can a 100% crime-free utopia exist?

For me, the only reasonable solution is to accept the fact there will always be some level of crime (murder, terrorism, burglary etc) and find a situation where we can minimise its impact without destroying the freedoms we once considered universal and self-evident.

Is that difficult?

4 thoughts on “An Olympic Sized Lesson

  1. i really dont understand why all this stuff is going on. The olympic games have lost all meaning these days. In the early beggining the games were about peace and athletics. Now they are all about politics and money. This is disgusting. I say stop them completely if we can at least mimic the ancient greek ideals of purity and peace.

  2. Actually, I agree. I love athletics (swimming bores me to death), so in normal circumstances I would be a big fan of things like the Olympics.


    As you say it is so far from its “Olympic ideal” as to be comical. The idea of a bunch of amateur athletes getting together to see who is the best has long since died. The idea it promotes peace and harmony between nations is dead. What does the olympics actually do other than drain the coffers of its host nation? Why is everyone in the UK (for example) paying hand over fist so we can have a few weeks of false-glory in 2012? Especially as it is all pretty much in London and the way transport costs are rocketing, no one will be able to go…

  3. i cant believe that the games were held here after knowing about the pollution or i blame them for not taking precautionary tests in china so we could see world records this is going to effect the athletes as well.

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