Photo Time

Well, the blog is looking text heavy again, so its time to throw in some pictures. These are bird photos from my flickr stream. Oddly, the one I think is the best is a lot less popular than the other one. I would love to know what you thought:

Gramat Eagle An Eye

More pictures to come.

4 thoughts on “Photo Time

  1. The eagle is the most impressive shot, eagles not being known for their patience for posing, but you can see why people like the eye one. It’s a simple image that stands out on a page of thumbnails, so people are more likely to choose to look at it.

  2. Amazing shots, I must say! Tell me, were you the one who shot this? Impressive! What camera did you use? I’m pretty sure it’s an expensive one. Did you edit this one on PhotoShop or is it really raw?

    Sorry..Threw a lot of questions…

  3. Czar – I took them with a Nikon D80. Neither pictures are RAW files, they are converted to JPEG. The Eagle has had a few tweaks done to it in photoshop, mostly to create the blur sensation in the background.

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