(sorry, more ego massaging, but then what are blogs for?)

In the past I have boasted about my photos getting pride of place in Flickr for reasonably obscure areas. Today, I have discovered one of my pictures in pole position for a very, very popular place:

Screenshot of Flickr\'s geo page for Walt Disney World.

You can see the original picture on Flickr and it would be great if you could stop by, leave a comment and add it to your favourites 🙂

2 thoughts on “Fame!

  1. It’s posts like this that help me work out how Flickr works. 🙂 Once I have the free time I’ll start taking Flickr seriously and seeing if I can emulate some of this.

  2. I like flickr, and I use it quite a lot, but in all honesty its inner workings are seriously black magic as far as I am concerned!

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