Pipex is still crap

Even though I had thought my problems with pipex were over, the BT engineer had come out and supposedly fixed the line, it seems I am still paying over the odds for a non-existent service.

Thinkbroadband.com Speedtest results

I am aware ADSL is dependant on the number of subscribers at the local exchange but I also know that there are no new subscribers hanging off my exchange. From the chart you can see that in Jun and early July, the service was acceptable. In August it was non-existent (completely) and since it was restored it has been painfully slow.

Pipex is a terrible ISP. Pipex customer service is borderline incompetent. If you are looking for a new ISP, steer clear of Pipex.

2 thoughts on “Pipex is still crap

  1. Just tried that speed tester and these are my results:

    Last Result:
    Download Speed: 1235 kbps (154.4 KB/sec transfer rate)
    Upload Speed: 308 kbps (38.5 KB/sec transfer rate)

    Pipex really is crap.

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