One bullet destroys three lives

Now, normally I would be quite happy to rant about how the average person in the street should not be carrying firearms and the like, but in this current case it is a moot point. The weapon in question was held illegally and, for now, we don’t have a “right to bear arms” in the United Kingdom.

As background, today the news centred around how the person who shot and killed 12 year old Kamilah Peniston in April was named as her 17 year old brother, Kasha Peniston. In a nutshell, their mother illegally owned a .38 revolver, Kasha found it and was playing with it when “it went off” and shot Kamilah in the head. Paramedics arrived to find Kasha screaming for help, cradling Kamilah in his arms. She was later pronounced dead at hospital. (BBC news)

The brother was initially charged with murder (and pleaded innocent) but has now accepted a charge of manslaughter. (This is reasonable as murder requires intent, there is no reason to suspect there was any intent in this case). The mother has pleaded guilty to illegal possession of a firearm and ammunition.

From that one accidental discharge of a firearm, three lives have been irrevocably destroyed. The mother and brother will live the rest of their lives with the guilt, the social stigma and the criminal record. Assuming the brother serves the “typical” sentence for manslaughter, he will be around 25 when he is released back into the community – knowing nothing about adult life other than what he has learned in jail. Without wishing to be downbeat about this, the chances of him re-offending is significantly higher than his already high peer group. The mother has basically lost her family as well as facing a sentence of around 3 – 5 years (possibly longer as the consequences of her illegal possession may influence the sentence).

It is a tragic tale and it highlights a sequence of mistakes and errors – the mother should have taken stronger measures to ensure the children had no unsupervised access to the weapon, the son should have been taught how to use the revolver safely etc. The most basic thing which could have been changed to save the daughters life is for the mother to not have the weapon in the first place.

It is certainly the will of Cocidius that this tragic event happened at a time where there is considerable debate in the UK about people having the means to defend themselves in their houses. I am sure Kamilah’s mother felt she needed the .38 for a sensible reason, but does that reason seem so sensible to her now?

4 thoughts on “One bullet destroys three lives

  1. does any one know what a .38 revolver looks like,…. i do, and if you dont then a quick search on the net will show you pictures,

    the POINT is ,,,.. Kasha Peniston (the brother) must of knew it was loaded as you can SEE the bullets,
    he should of got more then 2yrs he should of got 5years in time, no less,

    he’ll do 1yr and get out on bing the idol inmate, (aka good boy) either way he will be out by age 19,

    and the sotry reads ….the mother went to london for the weekend etc etc, and told the Boy where the gun was,.. he inturn got the gun and MUST of knew it was loaded but still played around with it,

    Now the mother is trying to pin it on the so called bad boy image boy friend,

    this blog is a load of sh!t,.. if your going to tell the story tell it how it is.,,.. not bits a bats,

    and if you block the comment,. atleast u know ur talkin crap

  2. Logic, thank you for the comment. I think I cant do justice to your comment by responding here, I will write a new post which addresses your points.

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