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Now, we are as guilty of this as anyone else, but looking through the stats it seems that, on average and discounting bots, there is only one comment made out of every 250 page views on this blog. Part of the fun of blogging is getting feedback from others and learning from their ideas an opinions. To try and rectify this, WhyDontYou blog is asking everyone who visits and reads a post to leave a message — even if it is just a “You Suck” comment — and we will do our bit by beginning a “Comment Week” next week, where we will leave a comment on every post we read. Please join in and spread the word.

15 thoughts on “Commenting on blogs

  1. I like getting comments and everything but I actually find I get too many. Well, I don’t mind the short ones, but the ones that turn into long essays really annoy me. I find that I sometimes spend more of my time answering theists than actually blogging. Perhaps I’ll put a word limit on my comment forms…

  2. I get a lot of satisfaction from just watching the stats and knowing that people are actually reading my stuff. I don’t know if they’re enjoying my stuff, but hey… according to the stats about 18 people come back daily, even if the bastads don’t leave comments. sigh.. I just wanna be acknowledged sometimes

    acknowledge me… I’m alive… I am not an animal.. I’m a human being.. waaaaahhh

    I like it when Christians leave comments but I get a feeling they know we only want to pick at them for laughs.. well I do anyway. Those wacky xtians.. they crazy.

  3. One thing, you should stick an email subscription on this blog. You get far more people coming back and commenting if you do. Or is there a reason you don’t have it?

    mothandrust, I visit your blog! I even have you in my infidels rss folder 🙂

  4. Big thanks to every one for stopping by and leaving a comment 🙂

    Michael – We certainly dont get too many comments here, but I agree that the ones which are short and to the point are easier to respond to than the 3500 word theist diatribes… We rarely get them, but we’ve had a few… As for the email subscription – I must confess 100% ignorance here and will investigate further.

    John P – Commented 🙂

    Mothandrust – You took the words right out of my mouth!

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  6. I’ve found a similar thing on my own blog … its difficult to get comments. I’ve definately found that people are far more willing to comment to dispute something I’ve said, rather than to support it or extend it. As seems typical for human nature, the urge to conflict is greater than the urge to agree.

    I’ve resigned myself to appreciating the comments I do get … I know that they are people interested in what I am saying, interested enough to take time out of their day to comment, so even when they disagree, I welcome the comment. I do wish I got a few more of them, and generated a bit more discussion in comment threads over some of my posts, but I’ve pretty much resigned myself to the way it is, lol.

  7. Thanx for the comment on my blog … I agree 100% … its a natural part of humanity … look at news programs as an example … we report bad news because good news really isn’t news. Its the same with comments on blogs I think … its far easier to find fault, and we are programmed to react more strongly to attitudes that challenge us than those that agree with us. Its part of human nature, but thanks for the comment for sure. And as for the show, well, being Canadian with a British grandfather, I expect I’ll end up in the UK at some point for some shows … so I’ll be sure to pass the info along when I make it 🙂

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