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Hat tip to Black Sun Journal for sparking this off with his comment on the last post, in which he suggested searching out El Morya

(Mea culpa, I would have to say that I was only vaguely aware of Black Sun’s back story though I’d sort of picked up bits of it from the personal bits of his posts. His parents were pretty well-known leaders of a Blavatsky influenced cult. Really.)

First shock is how often El Morya pops up on web pages. “1 – 10 of about 125,000 for el morya.” Not quite a household word but probably more than you’d get for a fair number of other topics. I was going to see how many hits some science and social science phrases got but,no, it’s not like anyone would thank me.)

Wikipedia sort of explains who he is.

Master Morya first became known when H. P. Blavatsky claimed him and the Master Koot Hoomi as her spirit guides in establishing the Theosophical Society. Blavatsky claimed Morya and Koot Hoomi belonged to a group of highly developed humans known as, The Great White Brotherhood.

El Morya and Koot Hoomi. I resolutely put Zorro and Shere Khan from my mind. There’s still something odd about these names….. These have got to be anagrams of real words, says the crossword-puzzle-solver in me.

But I haven’t come up with anything too spiritually meaningful yet, not for want of trying…
Ole Mary (the Spanish Hail Mary, maybe) “I took homo” (answer to the question, “who went to the gay party with you?”) or “OK to Homi” (“big shout to my friends from the hood”) .. No, I suspect I may be venturing up a bit of a blind alley here….

Ah, I’ve got it. My sisters’ imaginary friends (maybe even mine, if I can remember what I was told) were called things pretty much like that. They are the names of true-type imaginary friends. I don’t mean this just in the sense used within the atheosphere (hat tip to Nullifidian and whoever he took the word from), though obviously there is some crossover from the child’s imaginary friend world to the adult one. But, basically, these are a kid’s imaginary friends.

(I love the way kids have imaginary friends. In fact, kids who don’t have their own may even pretend to have one to keep up with a sibling. That makes them imaginary imaginary friends.)

So how does someone keep them into adulthood, let alone convince whole swathes of people to believe in them? The average 4 year old can’t even convince their mum and dad.

Have to read more but I confess even the dull Wiki article had me chortling. So here’s just a taster. El Morya’s incarnations include:
* Abraham
* Melchior (one of the three wise men)
* King Arthur of Camelot
* Thomas Becket (Archbishop of Canterbury)
* Thomas More
* Akbar (Mogul Emperor)

The King Arthur one is best, given that it involves Madame’s imaginary friend’s having been incarnated in the body of a mythical character. Are we touching earth base here at all? Melchior is another one that raises a few questions of whether he was ever actually on this earth in non-mythical form?

As indeed, does Abraham. But, aha. we know who to blame for creating the god of Abraham now, then….

Tere is a picture of El Morya as an Asian version of Jesus, as depicted in the kitscher forms of devotional “art.” A similar picture is on Ascended masters where they explain that:

l Morya is Chohan of the First Ray, the blue ray, of power, goodwill and faith.

Blimey, not only can Madame be credited with inventing ID but her imaginary friend can be credited with Blueray. And is a Chohan no less, whatever that may be. Another fantastic word. Truly, these are the Masters of the Universe.

Indeed, I am tempted by the alliterative appeal of Lord Lanto on the next tab and find that this mere second ray underling turns out to be the person who taught Confucious all he knew. He must have been so winningly humble and modest compared to those shameless self-promoters Lao Tse and Confucious, otherwise we’d have heard of him outside the world of the googlable secret teachings.

Oh buggar, I’ve now got to reveal that the third ray Paul the Venetian was “the renowned sixteenth-century Italian Renaissance painter Paulo Veronese” By a lucky coincidence, I happen to have an old book with some beautiful paintings by Veronese. Knowing he was a secret master of the universe certainly brings them up even more in my estimation. Clearly Michelangelo and da Vinci were like Hertz to his Avis (or whichever is which) They had to try that much harder to be number one.

I promise I’ll cut this short now. Even I’m getting bored at spilling so many aeons-old secrets in one blog post.
Serapis Bey = Amenhotep
Hilarion = the Apostle Paul
Nada = (Yes, portuguese/spanish for nothing. As so often, the clue may be in the title) = “On Atlantis Nada served as a priestess in the Temple of Love” She makes up for this failure in the global celeb department by doing a few cosmic administration jobs now though, among which she

.. also serves on the Karmic Board—a group of eight ascended masters and cosmic beings who dispense justice to this system of worlds, adjudicating karma, mercy and judgment on behalf of every soul.

So there’s a committee running everything? No wonder life, the universe and everything everything seems so f^cked up.

As in our vulgar world, so in the ascended one. The jobs and incarnations pile up the lower you get down the pecking order, so that poor St Germain is stuck with loads of incarnations, the most memorable of which is Merlin. Scrub that< I’m reading these in reverse order, it appears, too late. as the last one, “The Maha Chohan is the head, or hierarch, of the seven chohans of the rays”
and he turns out to be no less a being than the Holy Spirit.

Apart from the obvious things you could say here, I just have to add that it seems ironic – even shameful – that the pantheons of Gods you find in religions that are thousands of years old piss all over these relatively modern inventions for believability.

These are spiritual beings designed for people who don’t deserve to have souls. Even with the capacity to read, write, use the internet, create blog pages – things which still remain impossible dreams for millions of the people – they can’t even be arsed to make up their own imaginary friends.[tags]cults, El Morya, Hoot Koomi, Mme Blavatsky, philosophy, religion, theosophy, woo,blavatsky, Maha Chohan, King Arthur, Black Sun Journal, Confucious, Society, Rants, Culture, Belief, Nonsense[/tags]

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  1. Hey, great work on the El Morya story! I’m planning to do a feature on this guy soon, and I’ll link to you. Very funny about King Arthur. It’s kind of like worshiping someone who was supposed to have been Sherlock Holmes in a past life. And don’t get me started about what a murderous theocrat Thomas More was.

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