ID proponents are theosophists

In your face, creationists. Here’s some old school stuff about Intelligent Design from Blavatsky net – amazing that Mme Blavatsky can blog from beyond the grave. Pretty well proves the survival of the soul all by itself doesn’t it? 🙂

(It’s also mildly amazing that she somehow managed to get the French form of Mrs into her name. (Like Lord Lucan. Or President Bush. It’s only us lesser folks that have to use our first names.) But I digress.)

Helena Blavatsky, in 1888, was the first person to use the phrase “intelligent design” to convey her understanding of evolution.

So. not only are evolution and ID the same thing but Madame foresaw the 21st century arguments and pre-empted them….

The seers are also aware that the origin of the species – as opposed to the origin of subspecies – is determined by purposeful intelligence engaged in design. New science of the last few decades shows that this view is consistent with the facts of nature. Modern science also shows that the facts of nature very strongly contradict the predictions of Darwinism when it attempts to explain the origin of the species. So the science of the last few decades again supports the views of the seers on the origin of the species.
Blavatsky brought this knowledge of the seers to the West in 1875 and recorded it pre-eminently in her book, The Secret Doctrine, published in 1888. She called this body of knowledge “Theosophy”.

So I guess that would make the religious right, fundies and & ID supporters Theosophists wouldn’t it?

You can order the Secret Doctrine online. Well that sort of disturbed me. Shouldn’t the clue be in the title? How secret is that?

Blimey there is even a quote from the Secret. I feel so privileged to be in on it.

We shall have, in Book II., to openly approach dangerous subjects. We must bravely face Science and declare, in the teeth of materialistic learning, of Idealism, Hylo-Idealism, Positivism and all-denying modern Psychology, that the true Occultist believes in “Lords of Light;” that he believes in a Sun, which, far from being simply “a lamp of day” moving in accordance with physical law, and far from being merely one of those Suns, which according to Richter-“…are Sun-flowers of a ….

Though I admit my attention wavered as soon as I saw Hylo-Idealism (and I refuse to go to the effort of Googling it just for an even-more-flippant-than-normal post), I am taken by “bravely face science and declare, in the teeth of materialistic learning.” That does sum up the ID position in a nutshell.

i.e. Bugger science. We are going to believe whatever we feel like.

So maybe she did invent it. 🙂 [tags]creationism, id, intelligent-design, philosophy, science, theosophy, Blavatsky, Religion, Woo, Nonsense[/tags]

2 thoughts on “ID proponents are theosophists

  1. Heather, that bitch Blavatsky was a real troublemaker. She’s the inspiration for my parent’s cult. She invented the character “El Morya.” Do a google search on him if you want another interesting story.

    To find out she started “intelligent design, too??” Wow.

  2. Thanks for the information.

    I was just reading your blog about the Youtube video and the angry person who wrote the Wiki article.

    I am amazed that former cult members never think to find themselves responsible for joining the cult in the first place. In the same way, Blavatsky’s nutty stuff is surely not responsible for people seeing it as truth and following her. The greater madness is in the acolytes, I suspect..

    And, you certainly have me total respect for coming out of your experiences as a sane and rational person.

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