Thanks and sorry

Infinite thanks to the people who’ve taken the trouble to comment on the downward spiral that is this blog’s theme. It has been a great help.

And an apology is for the fact that the redesign is interfering with there actally being any readable content.

On a “while the cat’s away” basis I’ve done some theme hacks that will bring down the wrath of TW for being deprecated and/or non-compliant (negative margins, for instance. I’ve havent cracked and used tables yet.)

I think that it works in ie6 at 100% and doesnt degrade too badly when you shrink the window.

Havent even broached ff yet so it may get rebuilt in the next few minutes and I am pretty fearful of what will happen on mobiles.

5 thoughts on “Thanks and sorry

  1. BTW, It seems to work fine in ff at 1024 by 768.

    I know there is unfeasible gap in the middle at larger reses. I can’t presently see a way round it within the confines of this theme.

    I will try to leave well alone until anyone else reports a disaster.

  2. Am forced to report a disaster myself- the one word limit that has magically attached itself to the list of posts and the blogroll. d’oh

  3. it still looks fine on a phone, no change really.

    it does take a while to load, this page reported itself a 315k. it isn’t bs bad on the feed though.

    i haven’t scrolled far enough to see problems with the widgets.

  4. I am using a BT Broadband branded “browser” which seems based on IE (Toutatis knows which version). The monitor is 1024×768 but a lot of the screen is taken up with BT crap.

    Despite this, the layout seems to look fine here. The colours are very dark but it is not unpleasant. Font sizes seem OK.

    I don’t what to know what atrocities you have carried out when it came to fixing the CSS πŸ™‚

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