Over to me

Thanks to Chuck S (See comment on last but one post) for pointing out that the new style breaks in Internet Explorer 6, at 1024 by 768 if you don’t view it full-screen.

Sorry to everyone. It will be fixed up in the next 24 hours. Or replaced with an inexact replica.

Don’yt you just long for the days when tables were OK to use for layout?

1 thought on “Over to me

  1. Well, tables really are okay for layout, they’re just not as flexible as floating divisions, and floating divisions have their uses too.

    Ultimately there’s a push among web designers to move to floating divs and CSS-style placement because it provides more precise control of your webpage’s appearance. But it is not well-supported by older browsers.

    If you can make it work, more power to you. 🙂 If not, nobody will hold it against you if you take the table route. Good luck either way!

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