I need a holiday

Disney Castle at Night

Disney Castle at Night,
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I look at pictures like this (found on flickr) and it just reminds me how much I need to get away on holiday. The picture is gorgeous and pretty much captures all the Magic Kingdom castle in all it’s glory. If you have never been it is well worth a visit. Seriously. If you have kids, all the better — at least then you get less strange looks…

It has been over two years since I had an overseas holiday, and all I have had in that time is five day breaks to various parts of the UK! At least the breaks have let me take loads of photos of various castles and the like, but I am sure you can agree, it really is not the same.

I am toying with going to Florida for my holidays around the end of September / start of October. Does any one have any local knowledge which could be useful?

Would it be better for me to arrange things like car hire in the UK before I go (and go flights only) or are Fly-Drives discounted enough to make that worth while?

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5 thoughts on “I need a holiday

  1. Since you’ve visited the Magic Kingdom, are you considering other parks in Florida, Disney and otherwise? If you like science, I also would recommend a visit to the Kennedy Space Center. I don’t know of anything else like it in the world. If you go to Tampa, I recommend the Florida Aquarium and the Big Cat Rescue. Miami has a good aquarium, too. Not much to do here in Jacksonville though!

  2. Secular / Dino: Thanks.

    I am thinking of going to other parks as well – Obviously as tourists with small kids we will have to go to Disney but we plan to hit all of them not just Magic Kingdom. The kids are too small to make going to Universal worth while.

    I will try KSC if we get the chance – is it worth going to?

    Tampa – isn’t that where the Busch Gardens is?

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