Cant Resist

I know I shouldn’t, but I cant resist a post on the Parabiodox blog. A recent post there reads: (Emphasis mine)

Happened to come across this quote from Ayn Rand and couldn’t resist repeating it.

From Neo-Objectivism at Wikipedia.

“There is nothing wrong in using ideas, anybody’s ideas. Provided that you give appropriate credit, you can make any mixture of ideas that you want; the contradiction will be yours. But why do you need the name of someone (or their philosophy) with whom you do not agree in order to spread your misunderstandings — or worse, your nonsense and falsehoods?” (From “The Moratorium on Brains,” Question and Answer Period.)

Now I wonder who she could be talking about ?

This is really a bit of a no-brainer and is really rhetorical but even so I can’t resist giving you a further clue.

What faith/belief system spends most of it’s time attacking other faiths and beliefs in an effort to mask the fact that it has nothing of substance to offer itself?

Now, personally I think I know where the dig is aimed, but the answer to the question is “Abrahamic Religions (Judaeo-Christianity and Islam)” surely?

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4 thoughts on “Cant Resist

  1. That Abaraham; I’m tellin’ you. Always up to no good, and single-handedly started this big mess. What was that thing about him stabbing his son anyway? He almost got charged with attempted murder for that.

    I have been feeling the love from lib’rals these last few days. Wow, here I was thinking they were a bunch of nice mellow-feeling hippies, and it takes a neo-con “going to be with the Lord” to spark so much pent-up hatred. I didn’t shed a tear either, but jesus… makes me wonder.

    A few good things Abraham did give us: the 10 commandments, gotta love a round number; 2 sons who are still going at each other 4000 years later, which takes it for the longest family dispute in all of history; a sense of community, because we’d probably still be a bunch of cavemen had we not started working at praying together for some cause.

    He also pioneered the concept that people are just as easily herded as cattle. Still applies today.

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