Dead atheism :-)

(This turned out to be too long for a comment on “is-atheism-over”)
My Freya (insert deity of choice whose name you want to take in vain). Who’d have thought atheism was a fashion and such a short-lived one as well? “Atheism struggling for breath” etc. Must I say LOL repeatedly (despite having almost been shamed out of it by a funny youtube diatribe against smileys)?

Sometimes you have to wonder if we all live on the same planet or if English has some weird new variant that means that our understanding of others’ words is doomed.

For a start atheism isn’t really an ism, otherwise we would have to have isms for everything that anyone didn’t believe. I am, for example, a devout adherent of my-pc-does-not-wake-at-night-and-play-football-with-the-teacups-ism. I suspect that almost anyone on the face of the planet is one as well.

Granted, it’s not always front page news that most averagely-sane people are also in this group. So, I guess I might have to accept that my-pc-does-not-wake-at-night-and-play-football-with-the-teacups-ism isn’t this month’s fashionable belief system.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that large numbers of people have been converted to my-pc-wakes-at-night-and-plays-football-with-the-teacups-ism.

Maybe it does. I made the mistake of referring to my pc there. It is with the fairies half the time anyway.

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