Who did design the designer?

I have been reading through some theist (predominantly Christian) blogs which have discussed the televised debate. Oddly, most theists went well for them, so I can only assume I am now living in an alternate dimension and no longer interact with the real world.

One recurring theme (and I am not going to link to the sites as there are a lot and I don’t want any of them to get hits from this blog!) I have found is the argument from design and it’s counter argument of “who designed the designer.” A majority of the theist blogs seem to think the argument from design is a solid bit of logic which supports the existence of God. Yeah, I was surprised as well. Oddly, when they discuss the counter argument ( “who designed God?” ) in every one of the instances it is dismissed without an answer. An example of the dismissal read “This told me I was watching a debate broadcast for people who have never studied these arguments before.”

Now, while I am sure it is good to have a cutting remark or two like that saved for future reference, it fails to answer the question. I have studied the arguments and yet to see anything, other than special pleading, which explains the need to have a designer who was not designed.

Does anyone know the answer to the question? (Without special pleading, of course).

On a slightly related topic, if you haven’t already done so, I strongly suggest you visit a website called “Proof that God Exists.” It is so funny it must be a joke.

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5 thoughts on “Who did design the designer?

  1. Honestly, I never thought the “who designed the designer?” argument was compelling. I still don’t see its great charm. Special pleading worked ok for me.

    The key questions that got me were:
    What does god get out of it? Why go through all of creation (why create something), particularly if the goal (for humans) is to become enlightened and reunite with god. What purpose would the process itself serve?
    Is there evidence of survival after death? The existence of a soul would be evidence of god, to me. Moreover, my religion taught reincarnation. Without karma and reincarnation, suffering becomes an insoluble problem.

    I’m sorry to say I don’t think that site is a joke at all, BTW.

  2. Honestly, I never thought the “who designed the designer?” argument was compelling. I still don’t see its great charm. Special pleading worked ok for me.

    I am not sure it a “compelling” argument in the normal sense, any more than the argument from design is compelling. All the question does is highlight the nonsense inherent in saying [whatever] is so wonderful and amazing it must have been designed by someone/something — but the someone/thing which designed it did not need to have been designed.

    I have a massive dislike of special pleading, but that may just be me…

    If that website is real, it is scary! 🙂

  3. I’ve carried on a number of discussions that ultimately arrived at this point. Only one theist has ever given me an answer to that particular question. Without any second thought, or awareness of the inherent hypocrisy in his declaration, he (almost proudly) stated, “God just is.”

    I died laughing, twice.

  4. Well, I had a look at the site. 2 minutes on the main page was enough for me. Not so much funny as mind bogglingly boring. You could never have a real debate with this guy, you’d pass out first.

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