Incognito in Afghanistan

This is a frivolous post about what is a grimly serious topic.

According to the BBC the RAF is letting its servicemen grow beards in readiness for deployment to Afghanistan. The idea is supposed to be to fit in with Afghan cultural values that a beard represents maturity and manliness.

If it’s so that off-duty RAF men don’t stick out like the proverbial sore thumbs against the Taliban, I can tell them now it’s never going to work if the picture of the red-bristled corporal halfway down the page is anything to go by.

4 thoughts on “Incognito in Afghanistan

  1. Traditionally, in the military, one wasn’t allowed to wear a bread unless there was a medical condition (which by grandfather had, but I never discovered what it was) excluding it. The navy didn’t have the restrictive rule, which was why lots of beard wearers (pogoneers?) served there rather than in the air or land forces.

    Saying that, this seems to smack of some kind of PC-ness. Are serving women expected to wear a hijab under their beret or helmet?

  2. in the army some regiments have pioneers who are allowed to have beards – they are the ones carrying the big axe on parade.

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