We have them here too – Dubious English ID blog

The British Centre for Science Education: Revealed blog is crying out for a good metaphorical kicking.

It exists solely to attack the British Centre for Science Education (whatever that is) on the grounds that it’s basically an atheist plot.

The purpose of this blog is to examine the new group calling itself the “British Centre for Science Education”. We aim to shed light on the available facts concerning its membership, published statements and discussions. In doing so, we expect that you will come to the same conclusion as we have – that anybody taking it seriously needs to take another look.

The blogista’s personal statement says:

I am a graduate in both science (Masters) and theology (Bachelors), and a minister of Grace Church Belper, an evangelical Christian church in Derbyshire, United Kingdom

Well, I am surprised. An evangelical church? Who’d have expected this blog to have an evangelical agenda? That is almost as surprising as there being atheists in an organisation called the British Centre for Science Education. This world is truly full of new and surprising wonders every day. You would almost think there must be an all-knowing designer behind it all. 🙂

It’s hard to pick out any specific posts for your entertainment as the whole site oozes rage. This is mainly directed at the arch-atheists seen as in charge of the the BCSE, as the other members are assumed to be too naive to understand what they have signed up to.

I suspect that some of BCSE members are simply philosophically naive – they really do imagine that a hard materialist approach to science is “neutral” or “value free”.

(I really would be surprised if anyone with any epistemological understanding thought science – or any human endeavour – was “value free”. At the same time, it’s quite difficult to think of much in the realm of science where a “hard materialist approach” wouldn’t be the only option.)

I can only assume that the BCSE must be some organsiation that is seeking to support the teaching of evolution, otherwise how could it have stirred up this blog’s ire to the extent of devoting a whole blog to opposing it.

You wouldn’t think that standing up for rationalism in British science education would even be necessary, would you? It would be like having to set up an organisation to support the value of integrating exercise into PE lessons. Sadly, this blog suggests otherwise.

I’ll resist the temptation to quote any posts from the blog as I would be spoilt for choice. Look at it yourself if you have an obscure sense of humour and a very high boredom threshhold.

6 thoughts on “We have them here too – Dubious English ID blog

  1. Ignorance and stupidity are not subject to national borders. Sadly…

    I’ve come across these imbeciles before. They’re every bit as charming and vociferous as their American and Australian counterparts.

  2. Ha. Sometimes I find myself compelled to read idiot theist blogs. It’s like slowing down for a car crash. I found a particularly crazy one yesterday: creationevolutiondesign .blogspot.com.

    But I wonder, if they want an atheist plot, why don’t we give them one??

  3. Joe / Louie – thanks for the links.

    I visited the creationevolutiondesign one and … blimey. Wow. Crackpottery at it’s best.

    Why are all creationists obsessed with attacking (normally a collection of ad hominems) Darwin as their method to undermine evolution? Are they really that clueless?

  4. I’d put it down to basically not having any real science to replace evolution. They’re simply attacking the messenger to try to get people to distance themselves from it, so that in time they’re stupid non-explanation will be more acceptable by association.

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